Time to move on

o7 fellow capsuleers,

I’m looking for something new in EVE.
Have tried Sov null which is ok at best, tried WH space which can be super with the right set of ppl.
Hell even did some high sec missioning before all of that.
But right now im looking to get into some low sec shennanigens like Factional Warfare and such.
A little about myself:
I’m a 33 year old EU father to a daughter and son.
Working mostly weekends or some other shitty times when normal people are home.
I try to be online on daily or bi-daily basis mostly 18.00 eve till 23.00 eve
but in weekends it can change.
So my story in eve:
It hasn’t concluded yet so thats something.
But rn im a director in a null sec corp which fell to the death coz of inactivities and RL interventious by alot of ppl. Hence it’s time to go and find myself in the Eve verse.

What am I looking for?
Not a copy/paste reply
Factional warfare or some other fun things in EVE
Surprise me :slight_smile:

what can i bring to the table?
my main is skilled in a bunch of things from sub caps to dreads
my alt is mainly a logi bro (in training) with some hauling skills

hope to hear some things soon o7

hi there m8

I guess from what you are writing it seems you are a perfect candidate for our humble corp.

we are the executor corp of an indepedent pvp alliance operating from npc null (venal)

with us your game experience will be by far very simple and laidback.

if you want to know more just have a look at our recruitment post


Hello Suspicious Criminal

You said no copy pasta so here we go.

You said you wanted something fresh and new and so I am going to ask you to have an open mind. I have recently restarted ART5. It is a high sec corp (I know it’s not low sec) but it’s a corp where new players come to learn and veterans come to give experience and knowledge. We really would love for you to come to join us so that we can grow our numbers but most of all start taking small gang fleets out into low sec or null sec. Our main focus for this month is to grow and because you get in at the ground floor means there is a lot of scopes for you to carve your own little part in the corp.

We will be in all-time zones eventually. I am Uk based so will be on when you are on. I am also a dad of a 7-year-old boy so RL will come first.

If this sounds like a cool idea then please come say hello in our discord: SPUD5 - Potato Alliance

If you want to read a little more about us then here is our official recruitment thread just in case you do want some copy pasta :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks and hope you give us a look.
Eric Shang

Hey @Suspicious_Criminal

I’m CEO of a new LS pirate pvp corp. we’re called Coefficient of Inbreeding.

I’m similar to you - have flown everywhere and run corps and tried a lot of things. I’m now just looking for some chilled dudes to fly with and build a small community.

There are only a few of us here (the corp is only a few weeks old) but we’re all EU and working on growth.

Come and have a chat on discord Coefficient of Inbreeding


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