Veteran pilot looking for a Small-Scale PVP corporation


I am looking for a corporation that consists of experienced pilots who focus on Small-Scale PVP activities.

What I’m looking for:

  • Null security roaming (Especially ESS Warfare, Filaments!)
  • Low security roaming (Mostly FW Regions)
  • Preferred to live in Jita in terms of operation HQ (No logistic restrictions)
  • Emotionally mature people (I’m 39), no drama

What I’m not interested in:

  • Large fleets (F1 monkey)
  • Wormhole life
  • Black Ops (Stealth Bombers!)
  • CTAs or mandatory PVP activities
  • Daily login requirement (Real life comes first)

Who am I?

  • Dedicated veteran pilot who likes to do Solo / Small-Scale Warfare
  • Have been a member of one of the best corporations of Eve Online such as V0LTA and Tuskers.
  • 160m SP (Specialised in Sub-Capital skills)
  • EU time zone based, living in Turkey
  • Self sufficient in terms of ISK
  • Easy going, have sense of humor

I wanted to be as much as clear in terms of my expectations. Further details can be discussed on Discord or TS3. You can reach me either e-mail in game or from here.

Kind regards,


Hi Veli,

I think we might be a good option for you m8

We are an 100% independent pvp corp that operates in venal and our gameplay is keep things as simple as possible.

if you want to know more please check our rec post out below


What about somthing slightly different to the regular thing? Can gimme a shout on disc if u like :sunglasses: :policeman:

Hey Veli, I’m recruiting for The Envoys. We’re a tight-knit, null-sec based, pvp alliance who do just about everything you are looking for, (We sadly don’t live in Jita), and none of the stuff you aren’t interested in. Sounds like a fit to me! Sent you an EVEmail, hope to hear back.

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