Old-timer with intense nostalgia: Looking for Friends

Okay, so, Qim Tra’ageser is a name that has been passing around in EVE space since 2004. I’ve never been big news, but I’ve been near, sometimes, when big names do big news things. Or sometimes I know someone who was nearby.

This is the game that I’ve always wanted to play, it’s been the one I think of when I think of good MMO experiences, it’s my hearthstone, and it has been for almost 20 years. So why am I not playing it right now? What’s going on with that topic?

I like to think that grief is love remembered. It’s all those wonderful feelings wrapped up in the casing of “never again just like this.” You can look, but you cannot touch. My two dearest friends in the world, known in EVE as Theodore Brintle and Vika Dracis–two wonderful people, married and together for so many years, named Larry and Amy–have, in the years since walking out of Pater Tech School in 2004, died.

Even seeing the logo up there at the top of the forum here gives me pause, gives me emotions.

I miss them every single day.

deep breath

My life would be empty if I avoided everything that I connect with them, and over the past 18 months of pandemic life, I’ve realized that is exactly what I’ve been doing. So I want to come back. I need EVE in my life again. But in order for me to succeed, I need friends, and all mine are dead.

Anyone want some old fool with way, way too much money and skill-points and ships and modules? I suppose the only thing worse than not finding a corp to join would be to not try, so here’s hoping. Heck, are you some old-timer who just wants to talk, but don’t have a corp for me to join? Cool, that’s great, I’d love that too.

And anyone else, too.

God I miss this this game. Much love to you all–


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Hey I’m sorry to hear about your loss, I can only imagine how devastating that would be. I would like to extend the offer for you to come and talk with our guys. We are a laid back alliance with a good amount of old timers and younger fellows. I would love to get the opportunity to talk with you regardless if you choose to join us it would be great yo have you as a friend.

Fly Reckless,
Reason Redemption
Discord: Reason#3022

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We always welcome wandering capsuleers. Got lots of returning players like you and a close knit community

We’re The Order of Omerta we are a mining, indy Corp who even enjoy pvp, looking for more pilots. We need miners, ratters, pvpers and industrialists to join our tight knit family and help us make the most outta our little Corp.

We are very relaxed and let you play how you want (within reason). We’re set up with access to HS and NS space to fly in. We are in a null alliance but have a HS Corp that is wardec free for all your hisec toons to operate in hisec relatively worry free. Corp structures available for indy needs.

We love to mine and hold regular fleets and have tons of moons, ore and ice belts to mine with max boosts. We have low cost structures to get those indy wheels going along with a vast library of BPs and a buyback to buy your finished goods and ores.

For all you pvpers we got plenty of content for you to join. CTAs to help shape the ever changing political landscape to small gang roams and defense fleets up to full blown coalition fleets for strat objectives. Whatever your killer desire you can likely find it here.

We are a community and want players who will be on coms and in fleets with us enjoying the game. We’re looking for mature players who don’t take the game too serious but are also goal oriented and helpful as we have many returning and newer players and we wish to teach them to play the game in an environment free of constant obligations. Play how you like here.

What we’re looking for:
Active at least a couple times a month.
ESI check.
Voice interview.
Mic for coms (mandatory for null).
Helpful attitude.
Willingness to join in on coms and fleets.
No drama.

So if you think you want to join us message Varina Vengari in game or DM me here.

If you like you can always check us out and reach out on Discord or our public channel mate :slight_smile:

Outfit 418 - C5 Wormhole Corp - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Stay safe.

🇺🇸 GriMM HounDs PvP Corp LF Pilots - #8 by testywolfe Want to try us

We are a corp started by returning Old timers, give us a look.

OGUN Industrial is a new corporation looking for members. We may be small in number now but leadership has 10+ years experience in making internet spaceships and making internet spaces go boom.

We currently reside in Highsec. Industry and PvE content are our main focus at the moment but getting more into small gang PvP is our next goal.

We are accepting pilots of all skill levels. We currently have a make up of bitter vet and fresh faces meaning no matter the skill level you can find something to fly with. We enjoy teaching the game, so brand new pilots are more than welcome and we will make sure you get up to speed and have the tools to succeed in New Eden.

The corp offers group mining and small gang fleets, community events, free ships for new players and free ships for Corp related tasks/events. Outside of game we offer a discord and a growing community that plays several other games together.

Applications are open and you can contact me in game at Chakasu Sorrowsong.

Fly safe and hope to see you soon.

hello chap we are a small english speaking corp attached to blackrose alliance in null sec - lots of good space to rat, explore or spin ships in. we obvs play EU TZ ( though alliance is 24 hr ) and are looking to expand to more members, we also love this game, play reg ( most days ) for several hours at a time, sometimes alot more ( addicted really ) drop into our discord for an informal chat whether you join us or not - Primal Urges or DM me in game/join in game channel shield107 cheers Mick.

Bro we’ve got the home for you! come check us out and talk with our CEO, he goes way back and we are a tight group of friends. Our organizational goal is to allow people to play the game in a way that is fun for them. We have a lot to offer. hope you will give us a shot!
Best Regards

hello chap
we love this game as well, your not alone, or dont need to be.
english speaking small corp attached to alliance in null sec, play EU TZ, looking for new blood/bro’s.
happy to chat in game ( join shield107 ) whether you join us or not, making new friends/contacts is what its all about…

Hi there m8

welcome back i guess.

From what you wrote i think we could be a good option for you.

with us you gameplay is all about having fun and keeping all unnecessary crap out of the way.

if you want to read about us just make sure to look our post below


Im not going to try and recruit you, as we dont have a corp at the moment, but we would love to hang out with you on comms.
Just add me on discord if you feel like it


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