Alliance found [CLOSED]

We’re in the process of reforming (and “re-branding”) the corp and niche-ing down to better focus our recruitment, and once we have that done, we’re looking for a nullsec alliance to join.

We have a good relationship with Pandemic Horde, so we’re not looking to burn that bridge; blue/neutral standings with them would be a must.

The pilots we bring with us will be hungry for content, especially of the “make spaceships explode” variety, preferably the ones belonging to other (hostile) players.

Sov holders would be preferred, but are not an absolute requirement.

I would be happy to answer any pertinent questions you may have; mailing me in-game would be the best way to accomplish that.

Hi Cephelange du’Krevviq

If you can consider being part of a small independent pvp corp operating from venal.

Our focus is just having fun and we hare a lot of targets to shot at.

We are neutrals to PH but they are not our main targets since its FRT who control the area.

if you want to find more about us just make sure to read our rec post below


If I’m wrong, please let me know, but it sounds like you think we’re looking to join/merge with another corporation. That’s not the case; we’re looking for an alliance that our corporation can join.

Hi again.

I can see why you got it wrong. I manage to type corp rather than alliance.

The morgue. Is a small independent pvp alliance looking for similar minded corps and pilots.

Hope to hear from you


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