Small Gang Null Sec PvP - Space Anarchists Wanted - Down With Space Feudalism!

Currently relocating to GW - ‘Make Wildlands Great Again!’

Down with Space Feudalism!


Down with Space Feudalism!

Time for another bump. Currently in GW harassing SLYCE pets, down with Space Feudalism!

Hi there m8

if you ever can consider joining an alliance we could be a good option for you.

we are 100% independent and we operate from Pochven and Venal npc

if interested have a look at our post below


Thanks for the offer but we are based in GW at the moment to harass the pets in Panfam who’s tentacles are now reaching into NPC null.

Down with Space Feudalism!

Make Wildlands Great Again!

Now up to 9 active members! Down with Space Feudalism!

Had some fun last night in GW setting up a kill on an enemy Rorqual for Bomber’s Bar :))

Our latest success against the pets in GW - Related Kills | 0PI4-E | 2022-10-05 21:00 | zKillboard

Space Anarchists, join the fight today. Down with Space Feudalism!

Space Anarchists wanted.

Down with Space Feudalism!

Pew pew!

Still doing our thing against Panfam pets in GW - Related Kills | UNJ-GX | 2022-10-30 15:00 | zKillboard

Down with Space Feudalism!

Been here for nearly a month. Small corp but members are active. Living in a good spot, right now, good for pi, gas huffing, missioning and of course the main focus PvP.

Players vs Pets

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Anti Bloc boys come here come all!

Down with Space Feudalism!

If you are EU time zone, like fighting against the odds and trying to poke the big blocs come and have a chat, we could be what you are looking for.