F1AME Small Gang PvP - High Sec Base, Null Sec Targets


(Akballah Kassan) #1

Flames Of Chaos - a PvP corp looking to build a small, friendly, tight knit group of players who work well together and have fun fighting the rental overlords of null sec. We have a ‘role play’ justification for who we target - DOWN WITH SPACE FEUDALISM!

We are currently located in a quiet High Sec area close to our null sec enemies, but also part of an NPC Null sec based PvP alliance in Great Wildlands where more experienced members will also base from.

We are looking to recruit any bitter vets tired of ‘blue donuts’ and also players new to PvP who have an isk source to fund their newfound pew pew desires, SRP is limited to certain fleet doctrines - only fly what you can afford to lose!


Fly whatever you want attitude
Solo/Micro/Small gang roams (mostly Cruiser size or smaller)
Becoming a valuable member of a tight knit team
Training and fit advice for players new to PvP
Access to larger Alliance ship doctrines and fleets


Engage in Sov ‘blob’ warfare
Spoon feed content to members
Worry about losses


Working microphone (we use Corp Discord and Alliance Teamspeak)
Omega Account
English speaking (EU Timezone)
Be self sufficient ISK wise (we have no SRP - Alliance pays limited SRP on doctrine fleet fits)
Full API
Desire to fight and harass our enemies, die a lot in the process and have fun doing it!
Be a nice dude

Feel free to join our public channel F1AME for more details.


(Akballah Kassan) #2

Bumperoo for pew pew pew!

(Akballah Kassan) #3

Down With Space Feudalism!

(Akballah Kassan) #4

Bumperoo for pew pew!

(Akballah Kassan) #5

Come join us in our fight against the rental overlords.

(Akballah Kassan) #6

Bumperoo for pew pew!

(Akballah Kassan) #7

Come join the fight against ‘The Eastern Menace’!

(Akballah Kassan) #8

To the top we go!

(Akballah Kassan) #9

Bumperoo for pew pew!

(Akballah Kassan) #10

Recruitment is going good, got three new members in the last two days - now there are 6 of us!

Come join the party - down with space feudalism!

(Akballah Kassan) #11

Still looking for new members, bitter vets and newbro’s welcome.

Down with space feudalism!

(Gneeznow) #12

Sound lads and ace spaceship captains

(Kythrol Dhorin) #13

Small corp, well located with lots of targets.
pew pew
10/10 would join again

(Akballah Kassan) #14

Yesterday I managed to stop XIX flipping some trash tier renters station to their own possession using only a Taranis - managed to kill six entosis frigates and scoop 120 mill worth of loot. They finally lost the timer due to passive regeneration lol.

If you like the sound of this type of trolling come join us!

(Giddy McFee) #15

o/ Akballah, I left my null sec corp, my main has joined your in game channel and ill be happy to fly with you on some fleets. If not tonight, ill be online tomorrow.

(Akballah Kassan) #16

After our successful roam tonight I’ll be happy to have you along again anytime mate. :grinning:

All are welcome to join our channel F1AME and hook up with us for random roams into Drone Lands to see if you like what we do.

(Giddy McFee) #17

I took my main out on roam with Akballah Kassan and a few of his corpies and friends from other corps, I got on 3 kills with the final blow on 2 of them giving me two shiny kill marks on my ship, including an Ishtar whose KM was nearly 400m.

It was good fun, flying cheap frigate sized ships we were fast and mobile, only 5 in fleet. I really enjoyed that kind of PVP, certainly better than those big fleet battles where you just are an extension of the FC telling you want to target and just hitting F1.

I will certainly be flying with them again

(Akballah Kassan) #18

Come join us hunting the renters and pets of the east!

(Akballah Kassan) #19

Still recruiting.

(Akballah Kassan) #20

Decent small gang roam the other night - 4 of us went out managed to kill 4 VNI ratters and a PL Vexor, fun times!