Space Anarchists wanted for small gang PvP - NPC Nullsec - Down with Space Feudalism!

Flames Of Chaos (members of Great Wildlands Conservation Society alliance) are looking for PvP pilots who are interested in -

micro/small gang ‘hit and run’ roams

mid sized alliance fleets

ESS theft/fights

hunting cheating botters

sov trolling

gate/bubble camps

creating structure timers for content and annoyance

Our primary goal is to harass and demoralise voluntary space serfs (Pets and Renters). We are not ‘elite’ and do not care about killboard stats as long as PvP is your primary goal in game and you are, like us, sick of all the null sec power bloc overlords and their rental empires. We currently live in Great Wildlands and our ‘blue’ list is virtually empty so we can shoot everybody we encounter in sov null space. We have a ‘fly what you want’ policy for any action outside alliance doctrine fleets.

We are a small corp with a mixed E.U/U.S timezone presence, however the alliance itself is Aussie TZ due to the biggest Corp in alliance (AMC) being Korean based.

Members must have a functioning mic and join us on coms when in game. You will also need an isk source to fund losses (we have no SRP but Corp tax is 0% to help with this and the alliance also has R64 moons to mine if you have industrial skills/alts). We are also willing to take on and teach newer players who are hungry to get involved in PvP (must be Omega account).

If this sounds interesting join in game channel F1AME for a chat, or contact Akballah Kassan direct.

Down with Space Feudalism!

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Bump for a highly recommended crew!

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Down with Space Feudalism!

Loving our new Bhargest doctrine. :fire:

Come and pew pew with us!

A new alliance name change on the horizon . . . .

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Joined a new alliance bump.

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Had a great fight last night!

Come and pew pew with us!

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Make Wildlands Great Again!


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Currently harassing Insmother, come join us!

Still having fun harassing Panfam pets and renters.

Down with Space Feudalism!

Are you guys still recruiting? Looking to to return to Eve, NZ TZ player with 65k+ SP’s and wanting to fly with a smaller corp