LF Corp that also plays games other than EVE

Main: 80+ M SP, Flies all the gud subs, Blops, Dread, Carrier
Cap alt: 80+ M SP, Flies Triage, Dread, Carrier, Super
Alt: 70+ M SP, Flies Subs, Links
Alt: JF/Sitter
Alt: Eyes/Cynos

I’ve done Null, Low, not looking for WH’s. Ample small and large fleet experience.
Looking for a corp that has its own relaxed culture, but takes pride being good at what they do and holding standards.

I’ve grown a bit jaded with where EVE is at the moment, but I still really enjoy a good brawl. That’s where the other games come in. Corps that exist to hang out and also play EVE along with other games is basically what I’m looking for.
Renting corps need not respond, not what I’m looking for.

Yours in infinite finality,

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LF Corp that also plays games other than EVE

How rude :slight_smile:

There are games other than EvE?

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Yo, we PVP only, mostly US timezone. play other games like PubG and rocket league when not glued to this fuckin’ game. give me a shout in game if you’re interested.

Laughing Jackass Logo
Fearless, often considered insane member of Wild.Hunt Alliance.

Sleep is for the weak,
and the dead.

We are neither.

Understand that we are a very casual community, that offer you freedom and opportunity, to pursue your own interests from within our team.

We are a PVP crew first and foremost, all other activities are secondary concerns.

Below you will find the links for Laughing Jackass Discord and Wild.Hunt Alliance Discord, Feel free to join both and introduce yourself.

We expect a level of competency, where you know how to survive in NS and can keep yourself occupied to a degree without our motivation, we want hunters, not F1 monkeys.


To get a kickstart on your recruitment process, feel free to fill out this form and submit it.

Laughing Jackass:


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