LF EU TZ Micro Gang corp

Hey guys, I’m looking for a corp that enjoys pvping in nullsec with micro gangs or nano gangs, if you will. I’m done with flying 10 cruisers/frigs/hacs with logi assisting and anchoring, so if your corp loves that sort of thing im not your guy.

I’m EU timezone, I only pvp, I play around 15:00 to 20:00 EvE time, I’m mature and I have a family to take care of outside of EvE.

130mil sp, self sufficient, 4 accounts but only using 1 at the moment.

Riven Varlass


Check out Alwar Fleet! 🦅 ✮✮ ALWAR FLEET ✮✮ home for all Gallente Federation EU pilots, part of Federation Uprising!

They do a lot of nano gangs, especially love doing Assault Frigate roams. They are EU heavy and are active in both Nullsec and Lowsec.

Hi Riven,

We are a small group based in npc null and i belive we pretty much do a bit of everything, although small is like 80% of our pvp activity.We are eutz focused, we usually come arround at nights, 16/21evetime, and a very small blue list.We also have some corp level goals that we want to be able to acomplish in time, but for now the will to login it’s here.Have a read of our add and if you feel like you would like to have a chat, please poke me whenever you got the time.


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Thank you for taking the time CaseyLP, i’ll check it out, thanks

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Thanks Ocsta, It looks very interesting. I’ll drop by your public channel and discord

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hi @Riven_Varlass
sounds like our Alliance could be a place for you too

please join Akima Pub ingame and have a chat with us


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