LF for WH corp

Hi all! After an experience in a big null sec alliance, i want to do a step forward and try the “Very EVE Online life” in WH space. I’m looking for a newbie-friendly corp,better if is in a small/medium alliance where can I move with my 4 toons. I would like to try all aspects of the game and learn about Wh gameplay, i prefer corporations and alliances with buyback program and a good number of fleets (both pvp and pve / mining) during the day. EU timezone. No problem at to provide the ESI of the 4 accounts. The most important thing is to be able to safely learn without stress and can join a well organized group that can provide advice and guides for new life in WH.THX o/

Hey Thelomen !

I represent Critical Mass Incorporated, a wormhole based Corp that also has presence in Hi-Sec. We love helping new people find their place in New Eden. We have a heavy focus towards mining/industry but do PvE sites and PvP. We have people from different time zones across the US and UK.

Contact us through discord if you’re interested or have any other questions!

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