LF Friendly PVE Corp

I’m searching for a group that enjoys tearing up NPCs together while chilling on coms.
A better description would be I’m looking for wingmen,a small group of players that I can relate to and bond with,people I can get to know and they can get to know me aswel.
I’m EU timezone gmt+2 I preffer to speak English my character can pilot an assortment of ships mostly following the current meta as far as PVE goes-rattlesnake,barghest, Ishtar, cerberus,tengu aswel as t2 logistic cruisers like oneiros/basilisk and even t2 fighter /fighter bomber carrier/super for gallente and minmatar.

I am not interested in lowsec or wormhole based groups.
If I sound good for your corp send me an ingame mail with what your group likes to do

Hello, maybe check us out :slight_smile:

Please come online, I would like to have a chat :slight_smile:

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