LF Industry/PvP Corp

Hello Everyone,

I’m Benardo! I am a relatively newer player and looking for a fun Corporation. I enjoy mining, occasional pvp, and most importantly making ISK! I really want a social Corp that uses some form of Voice chat. I am very laid back and ask a lot of questions.

For whatever reason, if you are interested in recruiting me please mail or PM in game. Thank you!


We’re quite interested in having a chat with you if your up for a mixture of pvp and industry, as well as helping take part in achieving some of the ambitious goals our Corp has.

We offer free ships for pvp, and lots of pve content for making isk. We have a active discord for answering questions our new bro’s have also. We also use discord for voice.

Please drop into our discord for a chat! https://discord.gg/U3VA7W

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