[ LF ] Lowsec PVP Home

Good evening,

I’m looking for an PVP corporation to call home. I’m looking for a place that supports a mature but fun atmosphere who can respect the adult working life and provide an active PVP environment.

I’m a fairly new EU player (12M SP) that has just returned to the game after a year long break to concentrate on work but I’m back now with a few hours to kill each week.

I’m happy to fly solo in order to entertain myself but I would also enjoy flying in a small but tight knit group. I’m not looking to be one of the masses.

I’m entirely self sufficient, I have a headset / microphone and I am happy to install any and all necessary communications software. I’m also happy to train into any doctrine required and any direction that you think would benefit me.

All in all, I’m eager to learn I’m open to suggestions and I’d like to spend a few casual hours blowing things up.

Feel free to contact me in-game.

Thank you,

  • Artemis

Check your inbox dude. Uk pilot here, i’d love to have you flying with us.

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