LF PVP Focused Corp/Alliance - 145m SP + multiple useful alts

I’m returning from a summer break from eve, looking at my options. As the title says 145m SP main, can pretty much fly all subs to a good standard. Multiple alts inc. 2 T2 dread alts (1 Nag, 1 Rev - almost maxed out).

Looking for a PVP group to join either by myself or with my corp (depending on what the others want to do). Must have a good EUTZ and I am only really interested in PVP.

I’m not ruling anything out but basic requirements are:

  • NS or LS (prefer null)
  • Must be a competant group. If you rely on another alliance for most of your fleets/to survive I’m not interested
  • Low drama, I am too old for that ■■■■
  • Overall good level of activity with people regularly around to fly with
  • I don’t mind fleets but must also have some small gang, Blops are a big plus also

About me:

  • Experienced player
  • Can FC to a reasonable standard although depends on my IRL commitments
  • I like somewhere that if nothing is going on there is someone to shoot fairly close by

Killboard: Rakkin | Character | zKillboard

Please reply here with what you can offer. Thanks

Hi Rakkin,

I’m a recruiter for Eclipse Pulsar. We are a PVP focused EUTZ corp that is currently a part of WE FORM V0LTA. We have daily PVP content and hostile space (Winterco) is right next door. We very much do our own thing and don’t rely on other alliances, though we do cooperate sometimes to get good content. (A recent example). Our fleets range from small gang to roaming and bigger strat ops, though we do try to avoide Tidi as much as possible.

If you are interested or have any questions, i’d be happy to chat to you on our Discord.

Come have a chat with us brother

Hi there Rakkin

From what you wrote you are more or less in the same wavelength as us.

We are old pilots that cant stand the blue doughnut, coalition warfare and all the politics and bullsh=t people tend to bring into eve.

We are part of our own alliance called The morgue. and you more than welcome to join our humble house.

As corp and alliance our gameplay is to keep things as simple as possible and avoid blues, politics and drama at all cost.

we operate from venal and our focus is having fun by doing cloaky camping (with lokis or bombers), blops and roams.

With us you will have 100% targets and we do small and midsize pvp

if you want to know more about us just visit our website www.mortisangelus.com.

There you can read more about us and find our discord details


Hello Rakkin, you may find what you are looking for in RKK.

We tick all your boxes.

Null, mainly eutz, active, competent group, good fights at a range of scales.

Join us ingame in: Blackpool Tower or join our discord: Reikoku

To the top

o/ we are that corp and alliance people depend on for fc’s :), we have multiple fc’s generally always out running small gangs, we follow the content if it gets boring or home, we will deploy and find fights.

we are mostly older players who came back, 5 years later, started a corp and all have wives and kids now lol, so obvious irl first

We require a useful alts to join, we all have multiple alts and are a primarily pvp corp. Into the Ether | Corporation | zKillboard

Into the Ether if ya wanna check us out.

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