LF PVP - Returning Vet with newbro friend(s) ( Currently Found a Home )

Hey @Amaj_Zalta,

Welcome back. I’ve taken a few breaks over the years myself but I can never stay away for too long.

Since you mentioned Low-Sec is an option, I’d like to add our name to the list of possibilities. We are an active multi-faceted corp operating out of Amarr Low-Sec, primarily in the US time zones, though we have representation from EU/AU and maintain a 24/7 standing fleet with our blues.

Some of us have been playing for nearly 10 years and still find new and interesting things to try and still have a love for teaching NewBros the game. PvP is at the forefront of our activities, but we find all sorts of things to occupy our time with when no targets are available. We are staying up-to-date with current events by maintaining an invasion fleet and running abyssal sites as a team. This is particularly good ISK for newer pilots like your friends as higher-tier frigate sites actually make training into an assault frigate feel like an accomplishment again.

As with other medium-sized groups, we also provide opportunities for mining, industry T2 invention, and drug manufacturing.

Our main advertisement is linked below and don’t forget to check out our killboard to see if that is the kind of activity you are looking for.

Fly safe o7