LF PVP - Returning Vet with newbro friend(s) ( Currently Found a Home )

Hello everyone,
We have made a slow return to EVE, one of many, and have realized that our ambitions are really too great and out of reach for ourselves, and are now looking for a corporation to join. I have with me at least 1 Friend/Roommate who has played before in the past years ago (probably around 7-9 and I have been away for the most part for around 6 years, few failed stints here and there, and now mostly just dink around with some things. Anyway along side this I have another friend who is completely new to game, (also a roomate) which is unsure of continuing mostly due to time constraints of RL. There is a possibility of another Vet player as though also suffering with RL time constraints.

All in all, really we can’t decide what we want the most so I can be swayed to a location.

Ideally just looking for somewhere we can make isk to fund Pew Pew.
Lots of isk is a bonus of course, but really just need to pew pew.
Preferably we don’t wish to be in the large mass blobbing cluster fucks and we do enjoy medium and small gang concepts a lot more.
Nullsec is an option
Lowsec is an option
Faction Warfare is also an option we have thought about it.
WHs generally doesn’t provide the “casual” sense we sometimes need with RL

I have 113M SP on Amaj
Subcap Focused Working towards Capitals

Looking for options
We prefer joining a corp that we are not lost in the numbers but honestly open to it all.

************ Noticed I didn’t mention our main time zone

For me, I have the ability to adjust as I have an odd schedule as it is during the weekdays, and work NOCs and have the ability to be on at times while working ( best perk ) as for my friends late US time during the week for him say 0400-0700 for the most part, weekends are pretty much free.
For myself like I said I can adjust my schedules, at the moment I am probably home an up 1400 - 1900 or 0000 to 0500 eve time during weekdays, work I can be 0700-1200 depends. Weekends are free.

At the moment I just have 1 additional friend, as my other roommate might not have time with his new job, and unsure of our other friend at the moment if he will be joining or continuing.

Wormholes are likely your best option, since you’re looking for small to medium gang and decent ISK opportunities. Can always take a RL breather when you’re in wormholes, that’s the point of having an active corporation that can cover when you need to deal with business :slight_smile: Since you’re subcap focused, you’ll get the most out of wormholes.

For your new players, they’re also a solid option. Good income and engaging gameplay.

Should definitely check us out, small PvP group that’s been playing together for years. More content than you could ever want, great small gang and medium gang brawls. Consistent content so you’d be able to hop on for pings… usually always something going on in EU and US times. IRL meetups and a tight-knit group… we’re going to EVE Vegas and were at EVE North and EVE London.

Feel free to add me on Discord, BearThatCares#1337.

You might consider us

Hey @Amaj_Zalta,

Welcome back. I’ve taken a few breaks over the years myself but I can never stay away for too long.

Since you mentioned Low-Sec is an option, I’d like to add our name to the list of possibilities. We are an active multi-faceted corp operating out of Amarr Low-Sec, primarily in the US time zones, though we have representation from EU/AU and maintain a 24/7 standing fleet with our blues.

Some of us have been playing for nearly 10 years and still find new and interesting things to try and still have a love for teaching NewBros the game. PvP is at the forefront of our activities, but we find all sorts of things to occupy our time with when no targets are available. We are staying up-to-date with current events by maintaining an invasion fleet and running abyssal sites as a team. This is particularly good ISK for newer pilots like your friends as higher-tier frigate sites actually make training into an assault frigate feel like an accomplishment again.

As with other medium-sized groups, we also provide opportunities for mining, industry T2 invention, and drug manufacturing.

Our main advertisement is linked below and don’t forget to check out our killboard to see if that is the kind of activity you are looking for.

Fly safe o7

Come chat with us, we’ll be a good match.


If you and your friend don’t want to join the bobbing clusterfucks then boy have you come to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend. They seem to be pulling more of the new talent than ever with promises of all that glitters.

Katothen was born as a rejection of the sov null blue doughnut. We have zero permanent blues, we have zero interest in fighting over sovereignty and structure bashing, what we like to do is blow ■■■■ up.

What I cant promise you is a huge patch of land to rat in or a super umbrella to save you if you do, but there are plenty of options for making ISK on an individual level outside of sov null and we’d be happy to point you both in the right direction.

As for location, we’re nomads/space hobos so we really just go where the content is.

Come check us out.

Hi @Amaj_Zalta
Unsure of your TZ, but you may want to check FUN inc out if you are keen on small gang PVP?

I noticed I was unclear of the time zone we operate out of and put in a new update for it.
Its a bit all over the place, Weekdays are a bit tight at times, Weekends are alot more free.
Im pretty much an insomniac and can be active at all hours, or crash and hibernate for 15 hours.

Hey there man, I have sent you an in-game mail with some more information. I look forward from hearing back from ya.

Currently have found a group to join with, that seems like it would be in the best interest for the members of our little group .

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