LF USTZ Corporations - The-Culture Alliance / 0.0 PvP / Fountain

(Gho Higyidr) #1

I will keep this short and sweet!

The-Culture is selectively seeking UStz corporations that are 100% PvP-centric for Fountain-living.


-50-100 member-count.
-Capital heavy (having dread alts is a HUGE plus)
-USTZ Competent FCs a plus.
-No carebear corps.

What the alliance offers:

-An uncountable amount of targets (we have very few blues)
-Access to a nice swatch of 0.0 space / ores / citadels (Fountain)
-Easy JF chain routes to Jita
-Relaxed atmosphere / few required CTAs
-SRP of specific ships
-TS / Discord (soon) / Forums
-Experienced FCs

Shoot me a mail in game if interested.

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