[LFC] Max Trained "Alpha" Alt Character looking for PVP focused group to fly with and pew

Hello All,

I have decided to find a corp to fly with. I am mainly looking to make this my PVP alt, as such I am self funded, just looking for some people to fly with. SP is set as a max trained alpha alt and will most likely stay as such (even though on an Omega account).

Some things about me:

  • I work nights, but have a fixed schedule so am active at regular but “weird” hours (typically Mon - Wed from 04:00 - 16:00 Eve Time), though I may not be on Eve for the entirety (playing other games, etc). This is the activity I am looking for.
  • I have been playing Eve consistently since late 2012
  • I would consider myself pretty relaxed and layed back, but I do have a little bit of an ego, and that may show itself jokingly from time to time.

As I said, I am mainly looking to PVP with this character, so looking for a PVP focused group to fly with. My PVP experience started out with HS Wars, then moved to LS Piracy and FW. I have also done several NPSI fleets from time to time.

If you think I would be interested in your group or have a group that you could refer me to, it would be appreciated if you could send me an in game mail or a reply here (in game mail is preferred as I can reply in the app from my phone if I’m at work or away from the computer).

Thanks for reading

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Still looking for a group to fly with.

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The search continues

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