Liber8 - Haulers, Smugglers, Transportation Specialists

Liber8 is a corp designed for teaching.
Our primary focus is helping new players find the same amount of joy from EVE as we do. No matter how you like to play, we encourage a friendly environment while helping you find the content that you like. With our large community of helpful players we can help guide you and answer any of the questions you may have. We provide a library of links and tools to help you learn at your own pace.
We have no SP requirements or activity requirements. You will not be excluded if you’re not an omega player. You will always have a corp to log in to, no matter how long your break is.

As part of a large community our members have access to:
Daily fleets (PVE, mining, small gang PVP)
Large group fleets (20-50 members online at all times)
Both a losec and a hisec island (fortified by blues)
WH content for learning (scanning, sites, exploration, PI)
No war (War ineligible org, HS HQ, access to 0% tax stations)
Resource library (skill plans, videos, curriculum)
most importantly, Fun! (We care. We listen. We deliver content for everyone)

Our corp provides:
Hauling services (for our community and for players willing to pay)
Mining boosts (for our mining fleets in our HS island)
Smuggling Fleet (for buying low in losec and selling high in hisec)

We only ask that you are forthcoming about any alts/toons you own.
Also, if you plan on joining PVP fleets, you must be able to use voice comms.

Find our in-game recruitment channel, Liber8 Recruiting, for any inquiries.
You can also message Thew Aziz, in game.

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