LIOX Corporation - HI Sec Mining

We are a small corp, but with LARGE ambitions!

1.) We are currently located out of hi Sec space, as a mining and industrial empire. We take ore mined from Hi sec, and turn it into ship hulls that can be sold on the market.

2.) We are developing a PVP division within the corporation, with scheduled 0.0 roams coming soon.

3.) We are constantly improving and welcome all pilots to fly with LIOX Corp. If you have any questions please contact. Tywen Lanisterr or Von Heizen

4.) If you are interested in joining you may apply on our webpage.

Hey Tywen,

I wanted to see if you were interested in a Null alliance. We can offer access to our Indy facilities at 0% tax. Currently, we also offer T1, T2, production facilities, Invention labs, Research labs, etc… POCO’s at set to 3.5%.

A lot of fresh content! If you’re interested - drop by our alliance discord:


Xeno Dragoon

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