Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Distribution Missions Cargo Fix
Keywords: Missions
When doing Distribution missions with Deep space transports you constantly get warning for cargo hold space surely the guy cleaning ccp floor could put a if statement to check fleet hanger ? simple very easy to fix and my OCD would thank you “knock knock knock”

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Overview warning for returning players after adding content. In this case a warning to returning players to check their overview for new types of ships added after being away for so long.

I brought my old toon back and kicked him up to Omega after playing with an new Alpha account. While playing the Alpha, I blew through Triglavian space repeatedly, I watched the little guys in red take shots at me as I flew by. Occasionally I would stop and check wrecks if there were not Trigs in the area. All was well.

Then I brought in my old toon and flew the same routes (SOE to try and fix standing). That account didn’t have the Trigs turned on in the overview. So I warped in to a nice clean overview and a couple yellow wrecks, lets see if there are any shiny things… pop, boom.

Losing ships is part of the game and I am not a bit salty for the isk loss. I just wish that there had been consistency between the clients. Lost the cargo for mission 45/51 (blown up in the wreck). 90 day cooldown time. Sigh.

Suggestion: allow an opt-out for automagic addition of character’s name to a newly assembled ship’s name. Using only hull’s base type as name is fine.
Keywords: UI, Ship Name


Suggestion: Add T3 items and ships to the “Required for” tab of skill show info tool tips.

Keywords: show info, required for, t3c, industry, skills, tool tip
Note: Tech 3 destroyers, Tech 3 subsystems, and Tech 3 cruisers do not show up in the “Required for” tab of skills. This includes Advanced Medium Ship Construction V, Advanced Small Ship Construction V, Jury Rigging V, Industry V, Invention skills etc.

This has been included YAY!!!

Suggestion: Color code tactical bookmarks
Keywords: UI, Bookmarks, Color change
Note: The ability to give a bookmark a certain color.
In space you would see the color like you can see the teal arround the pin in space now with the current bookmarks.

When you have many tactical bookmarks on a grid it would be nice to be able to differentiate between them by just gancing at them instead of having to read the text on each one. For example: personal and corp tacs.
Not only that but when you scan an enemy down on a grid you could mark it a different color like a red, so you know in the future an enemy has that one.
Or certain spot you like to sit at you could mark a certain color so you can warp to it easily in between a grid full of bookmarks.

But just make it as an optional, it should not be mandatory so it does not interfere with the speed of making a quick bookmark.


Suggestion: Allow corp bulletins to be linkable like chats.
Keywords: UI, corp window, bulletin, linking, chat
Notes: Would really help conveying some information that is stored there because else no one sees them.


Suggestion: Allow fitted ships to be insured at rate of replacing ship and fitting replacement
Keywords: Insurance, Payout, Reimbursement
Note: Encourages greater risk taking

When insuring a ship, the policy cost and reimbursement reflects only the base cost of replacing the ship, not the parts/fittings thereof. If you could insure a fitted ship to reflect the value of the ship and fittings, players would be apt to take more risks with their ships, and would not get so upset about losing huge investments of time, effort, and money.

Suggestion: Temporary Bookmarks Option
Keywords: Bookmarks

I find myself making bookmarks that I don’t need to keep, such as bookmark for a wormhole, or a wreck etc that I don’t need to keep long term. When adding a bookmark a “make temporary” checkbox would be a useful addition. They could either last a specified amount of time or just have a simple “purge all temporary bookmarks” button in people and places.

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This functionality should work by defining a destination and adding waypoints, however it does not, the destination is just the same as any another waypoint you set.

Suggestion: Add draggable menu buttons for “Item hangar”, “Corporation hangar” and “Ship Hangar”
Keywords: UI, Inventory
Note: To facilitate hangar management add these menu items to the NeoCom menu. The inventory button currently opens the ship cargo hangar which is not very useful as it can already be opened in station by double clicking the main screen and in-space by clicking the ship cargo button in the ship console (located in lower middle). The functionality is available through shortcuts, so only the buttons have to be created. If that’s not possible set the “Inventory” button to open the “Item hangar” by default.

I can’t count how many times I opened the “Inventory” and dragged items from my ship cargo to my ship cargo, left the station and figured out later that I didn’t pick up my items.

how about a new fleet tab, or broadcast tag watchlist

this would be highly exploitable to print isk from nothing. the original changes to insurance happened because you could insure a battle ship that would pay out more than the hull and insurance cost combined.

Hi, apologies if this has been mentioned before. Could the bar that the broadcast buttons at the bottom of the fleet window live in be made resizable, so that the buttons get bigger? On higher dpi displays the buttons are absolutely tiny, and practically indistinguishable.

I’m thinking icon size/layout responsivity as happen with the ‘selected item’ box in space would be perfect, but with some kind of draggable top limit, so they can be made small as present for those primarily using keyboard shortcuts, who want to maximise their broadcast window.

Suggestion: Rosada Dawn UI Theme
Keywords: UI, Rosada Dawn, color, theme
Note: There are no traces of pink in current color schemes, and the ability to customize the interface colors was taken away.

Rather than adding an overbearingly bright pink, which only streaming trolls would use, a primarily black skin with some traces of light gray and muted pink highlights would provide a new atmosphere for those of us who like pink.

Suggestion: Ability to move several skills at once in the training queue
Keywords: ui, character sheet, training queue
Note: Currently we can drag and drop one skill at a time to reorder the training queue. Often I want to move several skills at once (For example, I decide to train into Caldari Battleships instead of Gallente on an alt and want to move all those skills.) It’s possible to highlight more than one skill in the queue. So, more than one is highlighted drag and drop should move all the highlighted skills. (Of course considering if movement is possible due to training order and so on.)

Suggestion: Add geting positive relationship with npc killing
Keywords: relationship, standing
Note: Easier to get better relationships with NPC corps and empires

Just simple logics-the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but why we dont see it with NPC standings? Example: I’ve made some missons for Gallente and get hard reltionship with Caldari, but when I’m destroying Guristas(in deadspace)-direct Caldari enemies, standings with Guristas getting worser but I dont get any positive standing with Caldari. Why? I think depending on standings NPC to NPC we should get some positive bonus, for example if Caldari to Guristas have -10 we get 100%(or 50) of negative to Guristas from killing to positive to Caldari, or if they are -5 , we get 50%(or 25) and etc.

Suggestion: Adding an “Alpha Skills” button to easily filter skills that an alpha clone can train
Keywords: ui, character sheet, skill sheet, decluttering
Note: Useful for alpha clones when identifying what skill to train next

On the skills interface, there are various options to narrow down the skill list such as “All skills, My skills, Can train now,” etc. I suggest adding an “Alpha skills” option to the dropdown list for alpha clones to be able to quickly identify skills that they can train in their clone states, and reduce all the clutter the omega skills present.


Suggestion: Strip Fitting Carriers also Strip Fits fighters in launch tubes

Keywords: Fighters, Strip Fit, Strip Fitting, UI, Market, Contract, Oversight
Note: Strip Fitting does not currently remove Fighters in Carrier Launch Tubes. Yet removes other fittings.

When Strip Fitting a Carrier,. It does not remove fighters from Launch Tubes. It removes Fighters from Fighter Bay but not the Launch Tubes. Currently only way to be able to completely strip fit a carrier that has fighters in launch tubes, is to actually sit in the carrier. Alterinative give the ability to view into launch tubes without sitting in the carrier, since if you are not piloting said carrier. You are unable to view the launch tubes and to pull said fighters out.


Suggestion: RE The thread of Ideas (not sure if this thread is appropriate)

  • Arrow underneath banner - or inside icons at start of npe
  • No T2 variants to inform the new player what ships they can eventually fly - Add T2 variants.
  • Remove Empire/Pirate Enemy text lines and explain why the factions are enemies, also include small icons and simple descriptions for other factions

Pirate/Empire faction distinctions are probably meaningless, inside jargon nonsense, what’s a pirate

  • Enlist screen includes “Freedom” section, to explain exactly what a character in the game is

Shows varied, advanced ships, explain the other weapons, politics could explain pvp and how capsuleers play the game, freedom has all 4 enlist choices at the bottom, faction screens do not have enlist button (choices on character select screen may not be fully informed about other factions)

  • Character Appearance: Take away the wheel style choice selection and include New Eden store stuff

So new players can directly buy clothes when they start, get rid of the wheel, background could instead be a rendered environment, possibly reuse the captain quarters to position character for a pose. Far more body poses available, more human facial expressions and less ultra-posable faces, changing one side keeps symmetry by default

  • Introduction to tutorial is not just a plop in space but is instead an interactive environment

Starting from the beginning of the story where the pilot looks out of the ship and then goes into their pod via player direction (one time experience however), no enlist until final screen (freedom screen)

  • Less “come back and play another day”, most people will forget about it
  • Intro to new player experience should be a cinematic show casing EVE Online rather than a vague transition into the game environment
  • Have EVE stations in gaming stores with people being surveyed on the game with a demo server only allowing for pve content to get ideas about how to improve the game
  • Buttons to scoop mobile structures in inventory window
  • Trig sites have additional transfer gates at the end for more rewards with an origin gate always at the end
  • Mining mini-game to make it more active and involved, yields a bit higher, screen interface with laser being moved around and reprocessing/mining skills rededicated to yield (similar to PI) zones on interace (which shows a randomly generated ore rock)

Survey scanning will allow a number of ore being shown in a corner of the screen, so efficiency is based on capability of the player as well as skills, more skills or maybe boost or implant will allow other players to see other lasers on same ore rock to reduce inefficiency, similar with gas or ice, no longer an ‘afk’ or botting activity - makes botting easier to spot and reduces multiboxing mining

  • Bookmark coordinate set, each bookmark contains multiple coordinates that can be set as the player wants, reducing actual items and increasing the versatility of bookmarks
  • trig models for drones, (possible trig drones in the future), cool sound for trig site jumps (to from and in) - omninous, foreboding and dark
  • icons go and replaced by silouttes on screen

Icons misleads people into thinking you have to click the icon and you can’t click the object (icons for celestials and overview, silouttes for on grid, option to change?

  • Less “unique” sounds
  • Skill that is just a skill to train even if you have trained all the other skills with 100x skill multiplier
  • Trig sites scale rewards based on difficulty of encounter or trig rewards are given at the end of site based on scoring
  • Special star for special edition ships to replace the faction icon in the top left
  • Align to anomalies with shortcuts
  • Skill to increase radius of planet extraction unit
  • drones match ship SKIN
  • fitting window; Radial menu ala simulator in live fitting window, change skills in simulator for projection
  • Mission agents during missions give advice on how to complete objectives,
  • missions now include the use of modules to introduce the player to the concepts of the games (like in other mmos) through VA pop ups
  • This applies for all mission types and agents (easy enough to create basic voice types and then modulate as needed to simulate variance)
  • Story based events (like Operation Frostline, Trig invasion, Blood Raid or whatever) visible and completable by players who are progressing through the storyline whilst keeping these universal for when they’re released
  • Story/mission based ‘incursions’ in instanced systems with new players being introduced to fleet combat and dynamics in incursions, rare chance of occuring or scheduled but offers less rewards than actual
  • Rework to story and agent missions to avoid the grind and have players explore the vast range of pve content in EVE Online, mission objectives include the necessary use of various modules to defeat the target enemy or faction ships
  • Scan down mission objectives and use exploration as a tool to introduce players to the game, involves more risk and gets players engaged
  • Missions and agents should be a continuous tutorial up to a certain point
  • Convert excess LP into small amounts of isk via LP store (less as you use more to a hard limit, intent is to have the margin LP to be used for the economy rather than stagnating)
  • Upwell citadel/complex/refinery module or independent structure to cloak people in citadel docking ring (have to manually connect)
  • Mobile turrets or towers (Upwell Skynet) of citadel level capability outside of docking ring, in module form attached to power grid
  • Introduce cinematics in mission instances, more clear threading to Event or storyline based agents, more interaction with agents
  • Different structures than just Upwell (empire themed and pirate faction themed)
  • Long Distance Jamming -> Long Distance EWAR as skill title is misleading to how it functions
  • Module and ship icons make T1, meta items and limited edition items more clear
  • Storyline/COSMOS/epics related ships for rewards
  • Sleeper themed debris to match wormhole enviroment and class for “null relic/data” sites
  • Reintroduce the character select screen instead of simply closing down the client when logging off
  • Packages on subscriptions (pilot training licenses, extra plex, skillpoints, ammo or other items, loyalty program for cosmetics, clubs)
  • Casual parts of EVE Online (not targetable by other pilots, PvE content only), starter systems
  • Roleplay areas, planet side and character orientated game (standalone/spinoff)
  • Alpha -> can choose casual or standard gameplay, paid/Omega -> full gameplay
  • Starter/casual systems much richer and develop systems outwards so that
  • Asteroid Belts less ordered and much more varied, asteroids clustered around warp in and no semicircle design
  • Security missions involve going to complexes
  • Change complexes have more contextual meaning and more interesting designs rather than being generic and predictable
  • Hacking mechanics helps research agents to make it less passive (option to keep it passive)
  • Hacking mechanics help science, industry and manufacturing research times (a few times per day with depreciating gains on further interaction)
  • Sites in general are less predictable and sometimes occupied by enemies
  • Missions involving relic/data sites, sometimes signatures spawn and have a narrative around them for world enrichment (SoE and faction involvement or SoCT for eg)
  • Faction Warfare has more obvious military presence and more obvious presence of NPCs (generated and rendered only mutual grids and based on player’s hardware)
  • Narratives can be seen around New Eden and possibly interfered with for standing loss or increases, missions based on these narratives
  • Security missions involve sometimes going into wormholes to complete mission complexes
  • On screen guides how to use ships in specific situations, tutorial guides players
  • Remote agent interaction, don’t have to be in stations anymore to deal with agents
  • missions are possible to be started in system, complete missions anywhere in space (maybe with skills)
  • missions could generate so that player always has to warp to another stargate
  • Less obnoxious d scan in map
  • Drag and drop in pi to move commodities without going through various screens and buttons,

Help interfaces to tell me what I get out of doing PI in the long term

  • Remove standing loss from mission agents, pro-freedom of choice design philosophy rather than punishment for choices
  • More obvious symbols for modules (good e.g damage increase modules have symbols indicating an increase mining modules are mining related graphics for e.g)
  • Change and update module symbols to fit in line with modern concept principles
  • Asteroid fields spawn near the warp in for wormholes and in more varied ways
  • More default buttons on the neocom
  • Security missions could include bounty hunting and pvp opportunities
  • Thread missions towards style of play and allow for more varied playstyles
  • Minigames associated with more passive styles of agents to engage player in all areas of agent missions
  • Potential social minigames to descalate or escalate situations and stand offs, modern concept design in missions
  • More faction navy ships (incursus navy issue or atrons for eg) for alpha accounts to keep them interested in the game

Should make sense with limited alpha account skills but increased diversity in the game

  • Animations on asteroid rocks breaking apart as they are being mined
  • Moving lasers to show rock being cut apart and rocks moving and breaking into the laser streams
  • Corpse extraction tool to extract implants from a corpse for reuse (subject to same loot mechanics) and then corpse reverts to normal generic corpse of pilot’s name
  • Return warping to the center of the sun but have a delayed amount of damage (like 100,000,000 base damage, no mechanics) for 1.5 seconds that will hit the ship or anything that warps into 50km of the sun
  • Corp choice to show total combined time in corp or total current time for players in corp