Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Items sorting by purchase date. It may be new column like ‘purchase date’ or something like that (same as est. price)
Keywords: UI, inventory, grid, column, sorting
Notes: It would be handy to see my new items (which now are marked with that strange red dot) at top of the list. Imagine 100 different similar but different modules at my Jita stash and now lets assume that I’ve bought 5-7 new ones and trying to find them…

Suggestion: Removal (or increase) of the drone assist limit.
Keywords: Drones, assist, fleets
Notes: The drone assist limit of 10 pilots’ drones (50 drones max) to a single pilot’s ship was instituted a few years ago in the age of the Slowcat (~250 Archons) fleets and the oft-complained-of Ishtars Online shield-tanked 100MN AB drop-sentries-and-avoid-the-enemy Ishtar fleets. Slowcat Archons are literally impossible to do now (no more sentries or any drones at all, no more triage, no more Archons used as droneboats). And the Ishtar (and sentries) were both nerfed back then as well. Could we get a removal of that limit or at least an increase from 50 drones (10 fleetmates) to 1 drone bunny pilot up to say 100 (5 each from 20 fleetmates) to said pilot?

Suggestion : When replying to a mail in a mailing list, add the mailing list as default recipient instead of the pilot that sent the mail you’re replying to.
Keywords : mail
Notes : I see it happening again and again that people have to resend the mail because they forgot to manually add the mailing list as recipient. Not to mention having seen it maybe over a hundred times that people did remember, when it really should have been unnecessary.


Suggestion: Remove the Red Dots
Why: Pointless and annoying


Suggestion: New landmarks would be good for exploration
Why: exploration is good


Suggestion: Extend the “Split Stack” interface
Why: See below…

Add another option to this popup, with radio buttons before both. The second option should be “number of stacks” so I can take a stack of items and split it into x number of even stacks (with some rounding maths).

So I can take 100’000 items and quickly turn them into 5 stacks of 20’000 for example. Not split stack, 20’000 4 times.


Suggestion: Show Info - remember which tab was opened
Keywords: ui, show info, QOL
Note: Useful when rapidly opening many show info screens

Right now the UI remembers the number of tabs from the left was selected the last time show info was opened. My suggestion to remember the actual tab that was selected. This is annoying when checking info on many people in local, since not everyone has a bio the tab switches back and forth.

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Please make a hot key for the regroup command for fleet command positions. This would be incredibly helpful for boxing and anchoring in fleets.

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Warp fleet, wing, squad hotkeys would also be nice. Context menus kind of suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Implants =>Increase the availability of the Advanced and Elite Implants
I believe that the availability of Advanced and Elite Implants will have a large impact on increasing Manufacturing, Mining, the use of Jump Clones, and reducing the costs of lower quality Implants. especially if the named implants are expanded up to the Advanced levels.

***Implants - Use of slot 6 ***
I would like to see Slot 6 Implants used for enhancing the Un-Named Implants in some way.

1. Optimise route Automatically

Tags: UI

Click on Route options

Adding a new waypoint optimises the route without having to tell it to.


How about the pin icon indicates if the window is pinned? and the window actually changes to the transparency level set in the settings?!

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I want these notifications gone. The big flashing lights and warp tunnel are indication enough I have changed system.

looks like its going… revoked!

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1. Ability to buy the number of items from the market I want

Tags: UI

I just tried to buy a few million of an item to find when I right click>buy on the 5th entry (to ensure enough volume) I am restricted to that market entries volume. This used to work, it was totally fine being simple and fast.

Why? Why have you done this?

Suggestion: Allow dragging capsule onto assembled, boardable ship in hangar

Current behavior:

I believe it would be intuitive for a player to be able to board a ship by dragging their capsule onto it.


You can get pretty much the same functionality by drag and dropping your target ship out of the window into the hangar background.


Suggestion: please add filters to the Bookmarks (“L” key) window. For example personal and corp bookmarks, and filtering for bookmark names.
Keywords: ui, bookmarks

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