Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Bump. On the gun animation after a kill, the indicators does another 1/5 turn before deactivating.

Screen real estate is a premium.

Tabs on the UI have a tab name and a large bloc of text. Remove or collapse the text, just like the header on the character sheet.

It is useless wasted space please remove it. For example Person Assets has a large picture and text.

Fitting ship by selecting a division.

I can build in industry by selecting an input location, as division or container.

Please add input location to ship fitting screen.


+1kk on being able to pick a source container for the Fit Ship option.


Suggestion: Option to split into equal portions when splitting stacks.
Keyword: inventory, item, split
Note: Option would make dividing items between players easier and faster.

I think that it would be helpful if, when splitting up a stack of items, I had the option to split them equally into portions. For example, if I have a stack of 900 and I want to split between 3 players, instead of having to calculate it out for myself, I had the option to choose this feature and put in a “3” and then it would split into 3 stacks of 300 items a stack. In the event there is a decimal during the split, the extra could go into one of the stacks. 901 splits into 300, 300, 301. This would be very helpful for dividing up things like minerals/ore among players during a group mining mission, ammunition among ships, etc.


An option of “equal trade” or “split loot” would be more helpful in this case.

Context menu item that would split stack contents among the fleet members.

This is now fixed by having a separate delay for bracket popups in the settings. Thank you CCP.

Cap Stability indicator on Capacitor main screen.

Please can you put a indicator on how long you cap will last.

Often you will have to check quickly via fitting window.

However it would be nice to just have on or near the cap, a readout like that which appears at the top right of the fitting window.


I would just make it like the PLEX vault, you can put in and remove items, and anything stored in this wardrobe is available in the editor at all times.
Clothes work more like a license than an actual object, otherwise people would lose them when getting podded. Yet every new clone has them, and they also stay on when we jump clones. Almost like they were 3D printed on our body every time.

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Fitting window simulate implants/drugs.

Please put a way to simulate implants into the fitting simulator.

thank you.

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1. Angular Velocity column is in millirads/s not rads/s

Tags: UI

Each number almost always starting with 0.0 and is a waste, also I’m stupid so I struggle to read it but I think if the first digit was a number it would be easier for me.

2. LOCK window positions

Tags: UI

An option in somewhere like the escape menu to lock windows on client resize, so they will not move even if they are now “offscreen.” When my monitors turn off (go to sleep) or windows explorer crashes my clients resize meaning i have to move a bunch of in-game windows. Not automatically moving windows back into view would be a great help as I can just resize my window again and everything will be in the proper place.


Suggestion: Ability to pay reprocessing fee with Corp Wallet

Keywords: Corp, Reprocess,
Note: see below

Everything else can be done using corp wallet, industry, buy orders etc… So why can’t we use the corp wallet to pay reprocessing fees? Granted if you stay in a station and get standings up the reprocessing fee goes to 0, but before then, it would be nice for the corp to pay it.

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Ah, well thank you for posting my suggestion here, Geo.

I meant to give credit, but i forgot who said it… lazy on my part…

I got rid of it by setting “Post Processing” to “none”, fwiw.


Suggestion: Ability to create multiple contracts from stack/selection

Keywords: ui, market, contracts
Note: Useful when creating many similiar contracts

It could be done with a simple checkbox on contract creation window(ofcourse it should respect your current contracts limit). And it’s very useful when selling many similiar items like BPCs, implants etc. via contracts system. Especially when using corporation contracts.

That also gets rid of sepia-toned backgrounds in incursion constellations. At the cost of this new AMD sharpness feature… ah well, worth it!

That works too.

Just so long as I don’t have to have these clothes strewn about my hangar; I’m an adult now, not some teenager. My clothes are nicely washed, folded, and put away! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also wouldn’t mind a filter: Men’s / Women’s / Unisex (similar to how the NES has it).

Finally it’s alive…after 3 years. Thank you @Developers :smiley: :tada: :confetti_ball: :balloon:
How about this Little things / Small QoL suggestions?

Suggestion: Ability to save and share scheme of planetary interaction colonies.
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, pain.
Note: mostly players scared pi, couse its pain to deploy new colonies.