Little things / Small QoL suggestions

proposal (again) : shared stuff. This time with a basis for implementation.

  1. master account.
    • each toon has a “master account” value. This is actually a character ID. By default it is its own character ID. You can see that account in your own character sheet(where ?) and by clicking it you can remove it if different from yourself.
    • When you edit a contact (or add one), if your master account is yourself and the contact is set to +10 (dark blue) , you have an option to send him an alt invitation.
    • In the contact list, you also have the list of people whom you sent an alt invitation or who accepted that invitation so you can remove the invitation or the alt access.
    • when you receive an alt invitation, if your master account is yourself, and once you set the contact to blue, you can accept the alt invitation . Accepting the alt invitation sets your master account ID to the one who sent that invitation. You can also remove the alt invitation later or accept another one.
  2. alt inventory
    • Every character also has an alt hangar in each station.
    • All the items in the alt hangar are owned by your master account. When you place an item in it, it changes ownership.
    • if you are your own master account and you accept an alt invitation, then all the items that are in the alt hangar and owned by you go into delivery. This ensures you don’t have hidden items from accepting an invitation.
    • every character whose master id is X can take any item in an alt inventory or put an item in the alt inventory. No ACL.

Issue : you can’t browse a container in the alt hangar. That’s because while the container location type is set to HangarAlt, to save DB access all the contained items keep their Locked/Unlocked location type. That issue is already present in the game for corp containers, and partially resolved by using corp hangars. However using alt hangars would need more work (eg to set the names of the alt hangars). What I propose is to add two location types : AltLocked and AltUnlocked. Since the owner ids of the items moved are already updated to match your master ID when you add them, or to match your own ID when you remove them, then also updating the location type prior to that should not be more costly. Then there may be other issues as for the other location types… (autofit, highslot0 etc)

Suggestion: expand the Ship tree to include concord (enforcer, monitor,…) and SoCT (gnosis,…) and more.
Keywords: UI, Shiptree
Note: The ship tree is used as a marketing tool in many videos but doesn’t even show all ships generally available, it will also help new players having the SoCT tree visible in the tree.


Suggestion: Similar to the E-War stuff (you are scrammed, you are Tracking Disrupted, etc.) have an icon that tells you how many people have locked up your ship.
Keywords: UI, Battle, Overview
Note: Thats something I thought after I heard Elise on ToS say that its hard to scroll through all of the Titans to see if 30 of those 600+ are targeting your own Titan.
Would help in different other scenarios as well.

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The overview could have a separate tab where only those ships and other objects appear that are actively targeting you.

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Nested Overview tab options

I have a large number of overview tab options, currently the screen chops these off near the bottom, I am running at 1920x1080 which is the max my monitors allow, butalso probably the lowest resolution that i can actually read the words.

Can we have it so we can either scroll of the page to see the other options, or be able to nest them under headings… so for example

–> all PVE related tabs
–> all PVP related tabs
–> everything else

that way we can easily choose the options we want if we have a long overview tab list


Suggestion: Similar to the Safe Logoff countdown window or the visible undock countdown in the Undock button when a session change timer is still running, I would like to have a Ship Change countdown window to change ships when a docking session change timer is running and to abort the change process if needed.
Keywords: UI, docking, session change timer, ship switch
Notes: It’s annoying having to wait for the timer to finish to change a ship. When I dock or joined a fleet or got moved around in a fleet, I just want to change the ship and see it changed when the timer is over instead of manually checking the timer and then changing ship. Same should be implemented for Join Fleet. Not being able to join a fleet just because you have a session change timer is frustrating. Not to mention that the join procedure can bug sometimes due to the ST and then you cannot join anything.

Suggestion: The fleet window’s History tab should indicate if you do something. Most importantly, it should visibly tell you that you are locking a broadcast because you cannot see that in the history tab and a cluttered overview hides that information as well.
Keywords: UI, fleet window, history tab, broadcasts
Notes: The information of an ongoing process is obstructed and this leads to many unnecessary misclicks.

Suggestion: “next reward” button in the daily rewards screen, if there are other unclaimed campaigns. Notes: Right now it turns into “Close”, so you may exit the screen and miss on rewards


Suggestion: In the NES, if you send someone a gift and enter the name, you should be able to check the name again after you entered it whether it’s really the right character, either by getting a mouse over tooltip presented or by being able to right click -> show info the name.
Keywords: UI, New Eden Store, character names, checking
Notes: Because the NES shows wildly different name search results, misclicks are easy to do if you don’t paste the full name. Unnecessary and avoidable mistakes.

Suggestion: In the NES, there should be extra settings for the search to make the search behave differently than in P&P or the other search features.
Keywords: UI, New Eden Store, character names, search behavior
Notes: In P&P I want Any and Partial Results because I have to look for wildly different things, but in the NES I do not want to see results that have parts of the text in it that I am typing. There, Exact Phrases are much more sensible to use if you want to.

Suggestion: Remove the 3D view banner thats says its on and a fast key for repairing all modules at once, like reloading all guns with CRT+R.

Thanks. :wink:

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Tie mission agents to the safety setting. Just like the autonav only plots courses through hi sec when you have it enabled, agents close to lo sec shouldn’t offer missions in lo sec if the setting is enabled. They should restrict themselves to only offering hi sec mission operations.

That’s neither a little thing nor a QOL improvement; I suggest starting a fresh thread to discuss it.

If you do have a little thing or QOL suggestion to post in this thread, please be sure to match the format required by the devs per the thread instructions at the start - that way it can be extracted to their review list successfully.



select [random deadspace] from tbl_deadspaces where system_distance_from_agent < 4


select [random deadspace] from tbl_deadspaces where system_distance_from_agent < 4 and system_security >= (safety_setting * 0.5)

isn’t little? Especially when the data has to already be there for the autonav functionality? And it wouldn’t improve the quality of life of capsuleers OR utilisation of borderzone agents? What am I missing?

Not trying to make trouble here; I genuinely want to know. What constitutes little or QOL if this doesn’t?

The effect on gameplay is not little - it significantly changes risk profiles for mission running and impacts the risk vs reward calculation for high sec mission running.

Code-wise it is simple; balance-wise it takes multiple agents and moves them from requiring careful management to have standings to burn undesired missions and makes them effortless to work with, significantly increasing the number of high-sec high-level mission opportunities in a given span of time.


Thanks, and got it. That makes perfect sense.


It may absolutely be worth doing, it’s just complex enough in effect that it merits discussion/opportunity for feedback from players. :slight_smile:


Suggestion: List resource density in planets show info
Keywords: UI, Planetary Interaction

In planetary production view you can see the resource density of resources on the planet.

Planet Prod

Can we have these added into the planet show info menu?

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Suggestion: Allow NPC stations to compress ore.

Keywords: UI, Ore, compression, NPC stations

Note: No need to rely on wardeccable structures for compressing ore.

Show some love to the small guys.


Suggestion: colored bookmarks, or bookmarks with different Icons

Keywords: ui, bookmarks with color/icons, F9 system map
Note: useful to better distinguish different types of bookmarks on F9 map

In wormhole space there are many different bookmarks, for safe logging, for anomalies, tactical bookmarks.
It would be great to be able to distinguish them immediately by color and/or by icons. For example, you would only have to re-scan the scanned signature bookmarks after re-logging and not go through all the bookmarks to see what type of bookmark it is based on the label.

A color/icon could be placed as setting behind the respective folder for example.

Also it would be great if I could see the bookmark selected in the “Places” folder/ “local” bookmarks folder immediately colored/selected on the system map (F9).