Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: The confirmation window for Deliver To in structures should have the recipient name as clickable text so that you can make sure to have hit the right character.
Keywords: UI, deliver to, structures, url text
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Suggestion: Do not allow scrolling of the number of job runs in the industry window when the mouse cursor is not exactly over the respective input field. This only leads to unnecessary mistakes.
Keywords: UI, industry window, job runs, scrolling
Notes: Time and again I have the problem that I accidentally touch my mouse wheel and change the job runs to an undesired number just because I rotated the wheel a micron anywhere on the screen. This only causes issues and frustration and makes it harder to track job progress and contributions. There is no warning notification that one changed the job runs and the field is so tiny that the eye easily misses the changed number unless you spent extra seconds looking through all the settings data for every single job, which is really not a pleasant experience.


Suggestion: The Jump Clones tab should allow the creation of collapsible categories to organize JC.
Keywords: UI, char window, jump clones, organization, categories, collapsible
Notes: I would like to have a category “Favorites” where only certain JC show up and another category “Others” where I can put all the JC that I do not currently need. That would prevent unnecessary mistakes because of not-optimal UI design and remove unnecessary forced manual checking where you click.

Suggestion: Using Access Lists in Access Lists
Keywords: ui, access control, access lists
Note: Directors and CEOs already have a lot of things to do with our limited game time. Please help us by making ACL maintenance both easier and more central in controlling accesses to the various aspects of the life of a corp.

The maintenance of access lists is much cumbersome. I have to manually add EACH directors, diplos, officers and their alts to EACH the relevant access lists they need to be able to manage in order to operate.
We are a small corp and yet it already feels like a no-brainer that i should be able to setup an access list such as “directors and their alts” and include this access list as the list of managers to the saveral access lists we actually use in order to control various structure usage restrictions.
Granting access and management of in-game chat channels, poco taxes, standings, corp roles/titles, as well as other various stuff would also be a great qol upgrade as has been mentioned quite a lot already.
Just consider how various lists of players for different kind of functionnalities are handled in a diversity of ways when ACL have the potential to keep everything clearly organized, in one place, and on a homogeneous ground of functionnality.

Lets see a practical example :

ACL “CEO and her alts” :

  • Managers :
    • “Soma SeeHeeHow”
    • “Soma SeeHeeHow Alt”

ACL “Directors and their alts” :
Grants director roles for corporation management, and most ACLs management rights

  • Managers :
    • ACL “CEO and her alts”
  • Members :
    • “Soma Directa”
    • “Soma Directa Alt”

ACL “Officers and their alts” :
Grants Officer roles for corporation management such as srp and stuff

  • Managers :
    • ACL “Directors and their Alts”
  • Members :
    • “Aldemoffs analts”

ACL “Diplos and their alts” :
Grants manager rights to ACLs that diplos need in order to operate

  • Managers
    • ACL “Directors and their alts”
  • Members
    • “Alda DeepLows”
    • “Alda DeepLows alts”

ACL “Members, alts and alt corps” :
Provides structures access, +10 standing, private chat channels access, and most structure services.

  • Managers
    • ACL “Officers and their alts”
  • Members
    • Corp “oorgals”
    • Corp “PIPI and pewpew”
    • “randam npc corp toon”

ACL “Temporary Blues” :
Provides +5 standing, access to structures and some structures services such as market.

  • Managers :
    • ACL “Diplo and their alts”
  • Members :
    • Corp “these guys who are helping”

Of course this is a simplistic and incomplete example in which complexity mainly stems from the intent of granting accesses to alts without having to manipulate every ACL whenever someone get promoted, demoted or creates and alt or something…
Now yes, using ACLs this way would require the creation and maintenance of a largeer number of ACL than are now required to achieve the same thing.
However i argue that this larger amount of ACLs to manage would actually make them easier to maintain.
Moreover, the overall spirit of such a change would fit in the continuation of that of the introduction of ACLs, just making them more powerful.
Just see how the number of managers in most ACLs is just 1 : the ACL of managers of that list that just happens to also be the ACL of managers of other lists as well, or the list of people who benefit from specific accesses or control over several stuff that this corp uses to function, factorizing redundancy across many areas of the game that use access control in general.

I understand that issues may arise from allowing loops to form that may include contradictory semantics. But you do not have to resolve automatically those that are really hard to solve without knowledge of the intent of the user.
Just make it clear what causes that conflict and why, and let the user figure out how to fix it. It really doesnt sound that hard…

an alterenative way of solving this would be to allow third party tools to modify ACLs via ESI so that we can do this for you if you think its too hard or not worth the effort.



Suggestion: The JC jump confirmation window should tell you again and in clickable form to which structure you are jumping.
Keywords: UI, jump clones, notification
Notes: After you hopefully clicked on the right tiny button, you have no idea where you actually going to jump to thanks to the client’s sometimes erratic and laggy behavior. Making it possible to check your actual destination in the warning window should remove any doubt about that.


… Dude, that post is from 2019, and this is so not the place to push your CSM campaign.

My bad, it was one of the first responses I saw, it must have scrolled me to the last time I was saw this thread.

Suggestion: Display remaining space for ship cargo bays
Keywords: ui, inventory
Note: Information about available space seems to be much more important than how much of cargo room is already used. This applies to all types of storage bays - Drone Bay, Ship Maintenanance Bay, Fleet Hangar etc.


Suggestion: Ability to have a sound alarm for the overheating damage
Keyword: UI, Sound, Player usage
Note:I think that having a sound to mark the end of the heating damage % can be a useful way for new players to risk and use that feature of the game.


Suggestion: Fix the “X” on items in a Multiple Sell window. Make it always Display.
Keyword: UI, Marketplace
Note: When trying to remove items from a Multiple Sell Order, the “X” constantly disappears and reappears, and the implementation is inconsistent. Currently the most consistent way of having the X appear is to navigate over the Sell Window after having clicked on another tab. Often you Have to wiggle your mouse around the name of the item, until it decides to give you the option to remove it. This would be very simple to just make always display.


Suggestion: Allow a fitting description to be visible by others.
Keyword: UI, Fitting
Note: When a fitting requires a certain tactic it would be nice to write it in a description and share fitting.


Suggestion: Add “Hold” submenu to the Inventory popup menu so allow quick change of the Hold/Bay being viewed.
Keywords: ui, menu, cargo
Notes: In the content menu you get when you right click in an Inventory listview (Select All, Invert Selection, etc), please add a submenu that lists all available Holds in the current context (cargo, drone, ore, station, ships, etc) so that they can easily be switched between. This would be especially useful in the inventory’s “Compact Mode”.

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Suggestion: Mnemonics for popup menus.
Keywords: ui, menu, key
Notes: That feature that pretty much all UI systems have where one letter of a menu item is underlined, and you can hit that key to quickly activate that command.

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Suggestion: More columns in the “People & Places” > “Agents” listview.
Keywords: ui, sorting, agents
Notes: You can currently only sort this list by Agent name (which are almost meaningless to me). Columns for #jumps, agent type, agent/mission level, solar system, corp/faction, etc would be great.


Suggestion : Corp fitting endpoints in ESI
Keywords : ESI, third party tools, fittings

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Suggestion: An optional, alternate popup menu mode where you have to click to open submenus (instead of on mouse-over).
Keywords: ui, menu
Notes: When you’re trying to move quickly, the popup menus in the game can be difficult to use because the submenus disappear if you accidentally move your mouse outside of them. An optional mode you have to click to open a submenu, and click-away to close it/change it (and/or maybe rightclick?) could be cool.


Even a hotkey that opens the submenu for the UI element you are moused over, and it stays open until you click somewhere or hit a key, would be great.


Suggestion: Show fitting advisory warning when fitting Burst Jammer to interdiction nullified ships

Keywords: fitting, warning

Burst Jammer disables interdiction nullification feature of interceptors/T3s and this is not obvious at all. I figured that out only after being caught in a bubble.


Suggestion : create/save fleet fits in 1 link

Notes: saving fittings for every ship that been used in a specific fleet comp/fleet fitting.
1 link that shows the main dps ships, support, logi, … and each has a fitting link for these ships.

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Recently it was made possible to drag ships from selected items into a chat and it links the actual pilot and ship that you can lock. Therefore:

Suggestion: Entosis nodes should be dragable from Selected Items and the dragged text should contain System, Node Type and Node ID in the link.
Keywords: UI, selected items, command nodes, entosis process, dragable linked items
Notes: It should look like the bottom text and not like the non-descriptive, generic text at the top: