Little things / Small QoL suggestions

These are side projects that devs do on their own time. You can search karkurs posts to see when things have been added.

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Please introduce the option to process multiple build jobs from BPCs in one step, e.g. mark 10 BPCs in the inventory and select ‘build’ to initiate 10 build jobs at once.

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Suggestion: Ability to unplug all/a selection of implants at once
Keywords: ui, context menu, character sheet, implant
Note: Very handy when one wants to unplug multiple implants at once

An example case would be while doing tournament practice sessions on TD or SiSi.

Suggestion: Ability to see security status in Assets window
Keywords: ui, Assets
Note: Useful for making decisions about whether to pick up assets
At the moment I have to set destination to check if I am happy to take the ship I am using to that system. I would particularly like this ability in the search tab.


Allow people to contract ships with non empty containers in it - Allow contracts with non empty containers in ships

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Suggestion: Ability to see which modules/skills can affect stats of modules/ships
Keywords: ui, fitting, ship, module
Note: Vastly improve discoverability of new modules/skills

List which skills and modules can affect stats, similar how currently modified stats are shown to be affected by skill xyz or module abc. I often see questions how to get more cpu on a ship, with this change they can mouse hover over the CPU and see a list of things which can improve that.

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but then i will have to alt tab out of the game :frowning:

Play in windowed mode, no issue

Except that there is. It an immersion thing :slight_smile:

Borderless window is your solution.

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Suggestion: Allow us to see where our jump clones are on the map.
Keywords: jump clones, map, UI
Note: Similarly to how the map shows in which systems we have saved coordinates, the locations of our jump clones could also be visible.

I thought of this while doing the Grand Prix. I probably could have done it much faster with a few strategic clone jumps, if I knew where my clones were in relation to the routes and locations. I believe this would be useful for people who need to move around a lot.


This seems to have been done! Many thanks!

Suggestion: Re-balance Unrefined Reactions
Keywords: industry, manufacturing, science, reactions, reprocessing
Note: Unrefined reactions are currently useless.

It takes over 10 times the amount of time, and an exorbitant amount of the alternate input material to produce the same amount of a composite as a regular reaction.

I like the idea of using an alternate input material, even with double the time per run disadvantage and extra reprocessing step to obtain the desired composite. I even like the possibility of recovering some for the rarer input material.

In the end, there are too many disadvantages to using Unrefined Reactions.

Suggestion: Ability to see insurance status in fitting window
Keywords: ui, insurance, fitting window
Note: the same icon as on the info window would be fine
I would like to see the status of my ship in a glance, ammo loaded, modules fitted, rigs fitted, and whether it is insured. The fitting window would be the perfect place to see this.

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Suggestion: Ability to see damage status in fitting window
Keywords: ui, damage, fitting window
Note: simply an icon to show something is damaged and repairs are needed.
I would like to see the status of my ship in a glance, ammo loaded, modules fitted, rigs fitted, and whether it is damaged. The fitting window would be the perfect place to see this.

This is not a qol.

This thread is for folks at ccp to work on small projects on the side/time off if they choose to. Changing something on sisi, doesnt fall in line with that.

kind of a 2 in one
Suggestion: Make us able to move multiple extractor heads at once
Keywords: PI, QoL
Note: I usually make formations of the heads to cover an area and it’d be nice to be able to move the entire formation.

maybe just drag a box over it to mark them all and then while moving the box of heads use scroll wheel to rotate it or something like that

Suggestion: Make extractor heads more contrasted towards the background
Keywords: PI, QoL
Note: Frequently enough for me to winge about it I have a hard time seeing the edges of extractor heads over the background heatmap

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Suggestion: “Draft” folder in the in-game email client.

Keywords: e-mail, in-game
Note: Easily compose and send form emails to other players.

While in fleets with my corp, we regularly send emails to players who we have PVP interactions with. In short “During routine operations… found guilty… ship repossessed… blah blah blah.”

It would be nice to have a draft of said email in order to be able to drop the other players name in recipient line and then send quickly.