Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Astraeus I) #592

Suggestion: Give isk rewards for scanning cosmic signatures

(Durallian) #593

It’s all about the blue donut right? Well it would be awesome to set those “Frienamies” to different colours. Maybe there’s a group that you have a NIP with but you otherwise want your members to shoot. Set them Yellow. They’re not Bad standings but do shoot them and report in intel.

It’s the kind of thing that’s always awesome when you know you have PL Test Goons NC GOTG DRF Frat and others on the field too… “Shoot PL Aeon Blobby” becomes a thing. as would Don’t shoot “PL Aeon Spai” as he’s a spai!

Option 1
Make the colour independant of the standing entirely

Option 2
Put more colours into the scale. Maybe just yellow and turquoise

(Boris Kurova) #594

Suggestion: Auto-Complete for larger isk amounts
Keywords: UI, Market, Give and Transfer ISK
Note: Quicker typing of round isk amounts

Example: Typing 5m [tab] will auto-complete to 5 000 000. Similarly typing 3k -> 3 000 or 1b -> 1 000 000 000
This could work for the market, multibuy, give isk, transfer corp cash, contracts. Loads of applications.
It also helps mitigate errors with orders-of-magnitude.
Possible additional functionality with decimals: 1.5m -> 1 500 000

(Poul Poniatowsky) #595

Suggestion: ability to remove all saved fittings from fitting window.
Keywards: fittings, fitting window

It’ would be nice to be able remove all saved fittings or by ship name/class and remove only those fittings.

(Poul Poniatowsky) #596

Or like with ship hangar option available to corp members or to fleet members.

(Rath Valent) #597

Suggestion: Use the empty spot in the middle of the capacitor display for a warp drive status indicator
Keywords: Warp, scram, point, tackle
Note: “Can I warp?” is a vital piece of missing information in the HUD

One of the most important questions in PvP (and, arguably, in the game as a whole) is “Can I warp?” The answer to this changes from moment to moment based on how many players are applying how many points of warp disruption to you, whether you’re being influenced by bubbles, etc.

The suggestion here is to use the empty spot in the middle of the HUD’s capacitor circle to show the warp drive status: Green if you wan warp and Red if you can’t (or some other color combination which clearly distinguishes the two states). [ Edit: A simple on/off light would work great too. ]

Note: Full credit for this idea goes to KanmanDS who was suggesting this years ago.

(Nocobo) #598

Suggestion: Prepare data in pc memory before ship dye
Keywords: PvP, capsule, lags
After the destroy ship emerged a long lag and I couldn’t safe my capsule. I think it was caused by a memory overflow of the background applications. Perhaps it makes sense to reserve memory for capsules or another optimization?
kills:ship- capsule-

(Blue Funk) #599

Suggestion: Event Stacking
Keywords: ui, Jumpclone, Session Change Timer

Eve gives you various error codes, if you try to perform 2 specific actions in a small time frame. Best example: Switching jumpclone gives some kind of session change timer and prevents you from entering a ship. I’m not asking for the session change timer to be removed, there must be a reason why it exists. So why not register additional commands by the player and automatically execute them when the timer is over?
This can be extended to any degree and used for any other circumstances as well.

(Frangipan Seb) #600

Suggestion: Selectable PI extractor head formations
Keywords: UI, PI, probes, formations
Note: Rearranging PI extractor heads is a pain when you want to move a formation from one hot-spot to another. Probes have set formations, so why not extractor heads. Same code, different scenario.

(Kal Mir) #601

Suggestion: Bookmarks in overwiew
Keywords: ui, bookmarks, overwiew
Note: Useful for warping to bookmarks.
The best option would be ability to tick “Show in overview” next to every bookmark (in People and Places) for it to show.

(Kal Mir) #602

Suggestion: Bookmarked object should have different icon color in Overview
Keywords: ui, bookmarks, overwiew
Note: Useful for knowing where to jump/warp or/and what You have already bookmarked.
Every object that is displayed in overview and is bookmarked in player/corporation bookmarks should have icon with different color (lets say green for player, blue for corporation bookmark). “Set destination” work similar way and color icon for yellow.

(Kal Mir) #603

Suggestion: Kill report should not reset on jump through gate
Keywords: ui, pvp, kill report
Note: Right now not everyone get on kill report
If someone gets damage, jump through gate and get killed on other side, only people from one side gets on kill report. Sometimes is that whole fleet damages a ship and it is killed on other side of gate by few people and only them gets on kill report.

(Wilfred Motte) #604

SUGGESTION 1: Allow us to group drones while docked, rather than having to be in space to do it.

SUGGESTION 2: For non-NPC space, create a 3 to 5-minute delay from the time a pilot enters system to the time the pilot’s name appears in local.

(irk Aurilen) #605

The last thign we need is for more ‘tooltips’. The damn things have been extremely annoying to begin with and setting the delay to long does not “basically turns them off”

Suggestion: How about a checkbox that will “Disable All Tooltips”.

They constantly get in the way when I’m poking through my inventory, ship hangars, ect. They maybe great for new players but for a lot of others who have no use for them, they are just an unnecessary annoyance. Can we please for the love of all things holy, get an option to disable them entirely? Thank you

(Little Fawn) #606

Suggestion: Don’t reset bookmark selection when jumping.
Keywords: bookmarks, places, jump
Note: Very annoying when trying to manage bookmarks while travelling

If you make a selection of a number of bookmarks, then jump through a gate (or wormhole), the selection is reset. This makes it hard to do bookmark management, such as clearing up old wormhole bookmarks, while travelling.

Secondary suggestion: Don’t ever reset the selection for any reason. It’s mine!

(Leia Sophia) #607

Suggestion: Separate roles for citadel management.
Keywords: citadel, roles, management
Note: Provide more control over who can do what in a citadel.

Adding the roles to only man a citadel, only fuel a citadel, only manage moon mining etc would be a great addition to the system, and allow line members who want to help but may not have required trust levels to assist in the citadel management,

(Little Fawn) #608

Suggestion: Disable all pop-up tooltips/entity lists unless a modifier is pressed.
Keywords: popups, tooltips, menus, selection
Note: Things are always popping up and getting in the way of buttons and selections

In Eve it’s often critical that you can point and select or press a button quickly, but it’s much too easy to go past something with a pop-up, such as a pile of densely packed brackets in space. This is especially bad at the edge of the screen, and in the map window while scanning. The UI helpfully pops up a bracket list, which then prevents you from clicking on the thing you were aiming for.

I’d like to be able to disable all pop-ups of any kind unless I ask for them by holding down a modifier such as SHIFT, ALT, CTRL, META, SUPER, HYPER, or pressing a pedal with my foot.


(zluq zabaa) #609

Suggestion: Be able to jump/dock directly after joining fleet.
Keywords: fleet, jump, dock, timer
Note: No, I’m not “talking to my fleet”, I want to jump that gate now

If you join fleet you get some sort of timer which prohibits you from docking or jumping. I don’t see any viable reason for this, so it’s just a bit annoying. If you don’t have a weapons timer, you should always be able to jump.

(Leia Sophia) #610

Suggestion: Auto Accept options for fleet invitations
Keyword: Fleet, Contacts, Standings
Note: Super handy for fast forming fleets, or general convenience.

Base it on a standings/contact list requirement, or allow options such as +5/+10 standings, in contacts on both ends. However it makes the most sense and easiest to implement.

(Technic) #611

In the Right click menu in the ships cargo hangar/ore hangar/fleet hangar could you move jettison and Compress away from each other?

It is rely easy to jettison your whole ore load instead of compressing it if your a bit fast on the trigger.