Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Show all activities of PI Facilities in one list
Keywords: ui, PI
Note: Sometimes you left a planet with an extractor which is not running or which is running but not routed. It would be helpfull to see all extractor states in one list. Same applies for storage and launchpad fill status.


Suggestion: Add a “deliver to” field on the contract window (courrier contract)
Keywords: UI, contract

A lot of players in the nullsec alliances use alts to buy stuff on trade hubs, then we usually use a Transport corp to courrier that stuff towards our main staging. Once the contract is completed, we have to log in the alt and contract it to our main.

The idea here is to reduce the number of operations required to deliver the items to the main character by adding a “deliver” to field on the contract UI, so that once the contract is completed the items are delivered to the character we selected.


Suggestion: Better way to show reinforced timers. Either put the exact time into calendar or show the time the reinforcement is actually finished in D:H:M format in parenthesis when clicking on citadel.
Keywords: timers, structures, calendar
Note: It is not that easy to recalculate the exact time from the current way the timers are shown ei. “reinforced 1day 8hours 12minutes 36seconds (from now)” very often I have it wrong by ±1 hour, it is enough we have to calculate our zone time with eve time too so any way of making this more simple would be welcome. Wouldn’t need to recheck all citadel timers in case one of my friends or me myself calculated it incorrectly.

Suggestion: Revamp kill rights tab. Add way to sort it, by time, by price, by name, add search feature too.
Keywords: kill rights, character sheet
Note: Currently the kill right tab is a mess, it is sorted completely randomly, it is hard to navigate in it especially when you gather more of them. This tab needs lot of improvements.

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Suggestion: add an alert that the asteroid is over?
Note: Is it possible to add an alert that the asteroid is over? during the extraction of drones …

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Suggestion: Ability to overheat whilst cloaked

Keywords: gameplay, overheating

Note: Replicate ability to change modes in T3D
Given that a T3D can change modes whilst cloaked on gate, we should be able to preoverheat modules prior to breaking cloak. This would bring a meaningful way to, for example, bust through gate camps, or provide maximum firepower from a fleet, etc.


Suggestion: module in the high slot to scan the loot of the wreck

Keywords: loot,module,

Note: some pve ships have empty high slot (not need nosf or drone link), and when destroy target maybe instant scan wreck for see loot.

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Suggestion: Ability to select several items and shift drag and select amount to move
keywords: UI, PI, Hauling, Industry, Managing hangars, …

Note: Useful in almost everything in Eve

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Suggestion: Ability to start a stack split into trading screen.
Keywords: QoL, player trading window, stacking.

Note: Currently, holding shift and moving item on another player to begin trade just puts full stack there.


Suggestion: Allow to remove single or group of items from trading window.
Keywords: QoL, player trading window

Note: Currently if I put something into trading I didn’t want etc. I have to restart whole trading from scratch.


Suggestion: Change tracking and other links mode >> buff for period of time
Keywords: tracking links,buff,logists
Note: When activate remote tracking computer on single target increases guidance / range for 30-60 seconds, rollback 1-3 seconds. Similarly, for all other links - sensors, dampers,…

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Suggestion: Graph of Total Net Worth
Keywords: Net Worth, Graph
Note: Perhaps with a 20-day running average line as well, to smooth out any significant daily fluctuations.

Would be great if the Total Net Worth which is now shown on our Character Sheet also included the ability to pull up a graph to see how it has progressed over time.

Perhaps with a 20-day running average line as well, to smooth out any significant daily fluctuations.


Suggestion: Save a Training Queue
Keywords: Training Queue
Note: And of course Load Training Queue

It would be nice if we had a way to save a training queue. Not only would this allow us to swap training queues we have based on various needs, but also would mitigate the problem of having our entire training queue erased accidentally when switching between Alpha and Omega clone states.


Suggestion: Color code in-space right click menu
Keywords: UI, Right-Click, Menu
Note: Color code based on category of menu item. (e.g. System locations, Personal locations, Corporate Locations).

It would be visually helpful to break up these categories of in-space right-click menu items to more quickly and easily locate the item you are looking for in the menus.

I’m specifically thinking about system locations, personal locations, and corporate locations.

This can be done by giving the text of each different type of location a different color, or perhaps simply by coloring the headers for each section (different colors for each section, or a single color that denotes a new section).

This is not unlike my earlier suggestion for color coding the text for Hangers, so we can more easily distinguish which hangers (and containers within) are our personal hangers/containers and which are the corps.


Suggestion: Add notes to our ships
Keywords: UI, Ship, Notes
Note: <— One of these

It could be helpful if there were a way to attach personal notes to individual ships that we could reference. For instance, what fittings I still need to get, what fittings I want to use for various situations, etc… Pretty much any notation one can think of they might want to attach to individual ships.

This could be a small icon somewhere on the fitting screen (and option in the right-click menu) that brings up a note screen.


Suggestion: Add mutations info to hover tooltip for Abyss modules.
Keywords: UI, Modules
Note: Current module tooltips don’t really show any useful info and can’t help with module organizing in any way. This will be especially important with introduction of mutated items and tooltips can really help with sorting.
A picture is worth a thousand words:


Suggestion: Give totals in the Mining Ledger Log
Keywords: UI, Mining Ledger, Log
Note: This can be a line at the top or bottom of the log

The log in the Mining Ledger shows the details for the dates you’ve selected in the History graph above it. This is great, however it would also be nice if it displayed the totals for that time frame. So totals for Quantity (in this case total quantity of all ore mined regardless of type), Volume, and Estimated Price.

This way I can more easily see what my progress has been over the last week, month, 3 months, or whatever time period from the History that I select.


Suggestion: Allow user to set default camera view
Keywords: UI, Settings, Camera
Note: A dropdown in the Camera section of Settings

I prefer flying with the first-person camera on. It’s annoying to have to select it every single time I log on, and further it routinely shift back to the default view during gameplay, for reasons I’m not clear on. So I’m constantly having to reset it to first-person.


Suggestion: Proceed “less than one second” requests
Keywords: ui, market
Note: Instead of deny - just wait up to 5 seconds and proceed orders

When frequently updating market orders (and some other things in eve that have a repeat timer) sometimes denial window with “less than one second :dizzy_face:” message occurs. To prevent this unfriendly behaviour(sometimes you need to retype full price) just wait up to 5 seconds and proceed requested change. I believe 5 seconds is enough to reduce such occasions to minimum.

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Good suggestion. Would allow players who want to work cooperatively with each other to do so without the corporate overhang and war risk issue.

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