Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Misty Mourning) #187

Suggestion: Ability to see volume implant bonus in Augmentations tab
Keywords: ui, character sheet, implants
Note: Know what implants are providing which bonuses at a glance.

In the Character Sheet Augmentations tab the implant name and slot number are displayed. In order to know what attribute is being applied, one must click and open the Info window. It would be nice to see that information next to slot number (+1 Perception, +3 Memory, etc.)

(Nunosh) #188

@Evaldia don’t you know a way to ignore a particular contract instead of ignoring all contracts from the same issuer?

(Dior Ambraelle) #189

Yes, but it’s extremely subtle. A lot of things are going on the screen, and a tiny line slowly turning red isn’t the easiest to notice. I would prefer some more flashy notification when the drones take damage, or even when the aggro is switching to them.

(Tragot Gomndor) #190

Suggestion: Ability to drag individual pages of the notepad onto the neocom bar, which then opens in compact mode (no index)
Keywords: ui, notepad, neocom
Note: Useful to create quickly accessed lists like destinations to tradehubs, of people or items. Could also be put into custom neocom groups

(Saeka Tyr) #191

Suggestion: Condense all NPCs into one overview type.
Keywords: ui, overview, halp
Note: It’d make life easier for folks every time ccp adds a new npc. It’d also prevent sad lossmails.

Suggestion: Give an “own drones/fighters” overview toggle.
Keywords: ui, overview
Note: This would be amazing for fighter/drone based ships so they can keep track of their own things. Currently keeping track of your fighters, so you can move onto the next nearest target, in a capital fight is impossible.

Suggestion: Squad/Wing level overview brackers.
Keywords: ui, overview
Note: This would allow for a lot more granularity in configuring overviews and give far better awareness beyond “well i’m near the purple blob…” because of separate wings/squads for logi, fast tackle, etc.

Suggestion: A distinct overview bracket for space superority fighters.
Keywords: ui, overview
Note: Currently the SS fighters share a reasonably large ‘support fighter’ overview group, and when fighting SS fighters you have to make sure you know all of them otherwise you’ll miss out and lose the fighter war. This would be helpful, especially as CCP adds more.

(Soleil Fournier) #192

Suggestion: Move half of Mindlink implants to Slot 9
Keywords: Implants, Implant Slots
Note: QOL improvement for Command Ship pilots to allow for fleet doctrine changes on the fly

Fleet doctrines change constantly. Sometimes you’ll start out in Armor ships then the FC will have players change into Shield ships later in the fleet. However, all fleet support mindlink implants are allocated to implant slot 10. This means if you’re flying a command ship and the FC calls for armor ships, but then switches to shield ships later on in the fleet, you are forced to either give significantly weaker boosts, or destroy an expensive implant every time the doctrine switches. Changing half of the implants to slot 9 will allow command ship pilots using Navy Mindlinks to get full bonuses for any doctrine without having to constantly destroy expensive mindlink implants.

(Evaldia) #193

@Nunosh I’m afraid that that option is not available, at least not to my knowledge

(Nunosh) #194

too bad :slight_smile: it would be very handy

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #195

Is it at all possible to show the skill point acquisition rate somewhere on the new training queue UI?

(noone kun) #196

Suggestion: fix new two-material SKINs so they could be visible on low graphicks
Keyword: SKINS, graphicks
Note: latest exapmle: Jubilee SKINs. They look great on NES previews, but they lose half of their beauty ingame. I mean, they lose 1 of their 2 colors. Still, old blood raider SKINs, Kaalakiota SKIN (pls more of them), Thukker tribe skins etc. are working fine.

Suggestion: add simplified shield hardening/boost, armor hardening/repair effects with option to turn them on/of, so they could be visible on low graphicks
Keyword: graphicks
Note: earlier we had such effects painted on ship hull or shield
(old shape of shields was similar to shape of ship’s hull, but little larger, it was i so much better than current)
now we have just green circle around ship’s hull. and we can’t even turn it off completely.

(Matt Vane) #197

Suggestion: add a dedicated industrial ship for refined ice products, with similar bonuses as the specialized Gallente Industrial ships.
Keywords: Ships, alpha vs omega
Notes: At this time there is no industrial ship that has a bonus hold for refined ice products. There are Gallente industrial ships that specialize in moving mineral, ore, PI, and ice, but not one for ice products. This is somewhat of an annoyance because the ice products are somewhat large, especially if you are refining ice in bulk. It is my suggestion to add an industrial ship with a dedicated ice products hold. This ship can be added to the Gallente industrial section to keep it in line with the other specialized ships, but it could also just be added under the category of ships called Ore Industrial, which currently is just the Noctis. This is where the alpha versus Omega balance comes in. If it was desired for alpha clones to be able to fly the ship, alpha clones would need to be able to train the first level of Ore Industrial, but this is also the skill requirement and level for the Noctis. This means that the Noctis would have to be pushed back to Ore Industrial level 2 to keep it restricted to Omega characters. Personally, I do not see the reason that alpha clones would need to fly this ship, but making it available to alpha characters keeps it in line with the other specialized industrial ships under Gallente Industrial.

Number 2:
Suggestion: Ability to pause skill queue on characters under the same account without logging out.
keywords: skills, ease of access, training
Notes: Currently when an account is in Omega state, but does not have multiple character training active, when on a character not training skills all that is seen is a message that you need to stop training skills on another character in order to start training skills on this character. This requires logging out of the character that you are on, changing to the character that is training skills, pausing the skill queue, logging off of that character, and then logging back on to the original character to start their skill queue. This is a very long process and could be simplified by having the ability to pause the skill queue of other characters when logged into a character that is not training skills. This would allow the new character to immediately start training skills without having to log into the other character and pause the queue and then switch back to the original character. This could be done with a simple message when clicking on that start queue button on the character that was not training. It could say something like “Multiple characters cannot be training skills at the same time without a MCT, would you like to pause the other character and start training this one, or would you like to purchase a MCT.” The player would then be presented with three option boxes, one to pause the other character, one to purchase a MCT, and one to exit the dialogue prompt without doing anything. This would alleviate the pain of having to switch characters and pause a skill queue and then switch back to the original character when wanting to train a character without a MCT.

(Giddy McFee) #198

I wonder if we can have any indication that anyone from CCP is looking at this thread and if any of the suggestions put forward are under consideration, This thread very much feels like no one is listening.

(Nunosh) #199

I thought the same already

maybe @CCP_karkur can give us an update, or at least to show us that she’s alive :slight_smile:

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #200

adding weeks to the skill queue would be nice. Like on the mobile app make 10d into 1w 3d

(Octoven) #201

Suggestion: Ability to manipulate scan probes via the map instead of a UI Bar
Keywords: ui, scanning window, scanning probes
Note: Allows multiple options in adjusting probe scan ranges.

I like the overall UI for the scanning window; however, I believe it could use some improvement. The probe size slider bar seems woefully inefficient. Used to you could click the edge of your probe sphere in the map part of the window and drag it in or out to adjust ranges. You could adjust your range and your mouse would not need to move much to re-position your probes.

As it stands now, you have to move your mouse back and forth from left to right. This is a small annoyance, but I’m not saying disable the slider bar either, I think the window should have both functions to allow the player to choose which method fits them best such as right clicking in space, using the selected item window, or the radial menu. Options allow for more comfortable play time and great QoL changes.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #202

bro just press alt

(Octoven) #203

lol seems silly to press a button and use the wheel or click and drag as well when one could simply click and drag instead…

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #204

not really it was something that people asked for because we were sick of trying to move the camera and instead grabbing the probes or trying to grab the probes and moving the camera

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #205

Ship kill marks for NPC kills, say 1 mark per 1000 NPC’s obliterated.


(Nou Mene) #206

Suggestion: Pair space and solar system map tactical overlay
Keywords: ui, tactical overlay, space directions
Note: Navigation, scanning, probing could be easier