Little things / Small QoL suggestions

1. Angular Velocity column is in millirads/s not rads/s

Tags: UI

Each number almost always starting with 0.0 and is a waste, also I’m stupid so I struggle to read it but I think if the first digit was a number it would be easier for me.

2. LOCK window positions

Tags: UI

An option in somewhere like the escape menu to lock windows on client resize, so they will not move even if they are now “offscreen.” When my monitors turn off (go to sleep) or windows explorer crashes my clients resize meaning i have to move a bunch of in-game windows. Not automatically moving windows back into view would be a great help as I can just resize my window again and everything will be in the proper place.

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Suggestion: Ability to pay reprocessing fee with Corp Wallet

Keywords: Corp, Reprocess,
Note: see below

Everything else can be done using corp wallet, industry, buy orders etc… So why can’t we use the corp wallet to pay reprocessing fees? Granted if you stay in a station and get standings up the reprocessing fee goes to 0, but before then, it would be nice for the corp to pay it.

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Ah, well thank you for posting my suggestion here, Geo.

I meant to give credit, but i forgot who said it… lazy on my part…

I got rid of it by setting “Post Processing” to “none”, fwiw.


Suggestion: Ability to create multiple contracts from stack/selection

Keywords: ui, market, contracts
Note: Useful when creating many similiar contracts

It could be done with a simple checkbox on contract creation window(ofcourse it should respect your current contracts limit). And it’s very useful when selling many similiar items like BPCs, implants etc. via contracts system. Especially when using corporation contracts.

That also gets rid of sepia-toned backgrounds in incursion constellations. At the cost of this new AMD sharpness feature… ah well, worth it!

That works too.

Just so long as I don’t have to have these clothes strewn about my hangar; I’m an adult now, not some teenager. My clothes are nicely washed, folded, and put away! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also wouldn’t mind a filter: Men’s / Women’s / Unisex (similar to how the NES has it).

Finally it’s alive…after 3 years. Thank you @Developers :smiley: :tada: :confetti_ball: :balloon:
How about this Little things / Small QoL suggestions?

Suggestion: Ability to save and share scheme of planetary interaction colonies.
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, pain.
Note: mostly players scared pi, couse its pain to deploy new colonies.


You can select the planet and then use the “Warp To” button to go straight to the POCO. The button should be labelled “Warp to POCO”.

Suggestion: Update the button on the planets window to say “Warp to POCO” or “Warp to office” or something.
Tags: UI, PI, planets
Note: At least two people in this thread didn’t see it!

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Suggestion: Remove “fade to black” transitions.
Keywords: UI, login, docking, undocking, animation

When you log in, dock, or undock, the game fades the screen to black and back. This originally no doubt covered up some loading or changes to the UI. But if that was its original purpose it no longer applies. The UI now usually changes before the blanking, and on login windows pop up before blanking occurs, and are obscured by it. Blanking has no cosmetic purpose any more, and just obscures the interface and delays interaction. I notice that you have already abandoned it for citadels with “view outside”. I suggest you remove it completely.

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Suggestion: More collapsible categories everywhere.
Keywords: UI, collapsible headers, lists
Notes: Example: I just just had to scroll through 200 taken blueprints to find the first blueprint available to be taken for a job that I wanted to submit for my corp. A collapsible header for available and taken blueprints would make this easier to navigate.

Suggestion: SKINS and racial variants of the yacht
Keywords: SKINS, Victorieux Luxury Yacht
Note: Who doesn’t have a yacht and who doesn’t loathe the sight of it?

Suggestion: Converting Slaves and Elite Slaves to Freed Slaves, or delivering Slaves and Elite Slaves to mission agents for LP and/or faction rep
Keywords: Slaves, Elite Slaves, Freed Slaves, Missions, Mission Agents, Loyalty Points
Notes: I tend to acquire slaves or elite slaves from various missions in EVE, but haven’t really got anything positive to do with them.

Similarly I’ve got leftover Freed Slaves from the event a few years back, and nobody to deliver them to.
Is there anyway we could have some Mission agents where we could hand in slaves, elite slaves, or freed slaves, getting faction rep and LP for each 1 unit of whatever slaves we’re handing to the Matari Republic? (Or I suppose to the Amarr Empire, for those dirty dirty slavers…).

Seriously, if it’s not possible to add a “manufacturing method” or “bpo” to let us convert other forms of slaves into Freed Slaves, then a custom repeatable easily accessible delivery mission to deliver slaves to appropriate recipients would be really helpful, both from a roleplay perspective of wanting to free slaves, or from a storage perspective of not really wanting all these slaves cluttering up station cargo holds, or dying in 2h containers in space/wrecks.


EDIT: this could be an extension or evolution of the mechanics used for handing tags in to CONCORD/DED for sec status gain?
But for Rep with relevant empires?


Suggestion: Ability to use corporation wallet for pay poco taxes.
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction, pain.
Note: pain.


Suggestion: Histogram on numeric columns (velocity, angular, transversal)
Tags: UI, overview, readability
Note: Scaling would need to have typical defaults. You’d need an option to switch it off. Ideally you’d be able to set the 100% scale for each field (and set it to 0 to disable it perhaps).

Please excuse this extremely rough mock up made with Paint just to show concept.


Suggestion: A feature sidebar/top bar for hangars with features like Stack All, Sort by…, Leave Ship, Rename ship, Highlight ship, etc.
Keywords: UI, hangars, feature bars
Notes: I just again had to leave my ship. The only options to do that is to either locate the ship in the hangar and right click it or to right click the ship in the hangar view. So much mouse movement and wasted seconds for something that could be easily accessible with buttons in the hangar windows.


I would love to see this… Too many clicks in the game, some useful shortcuts would defiantly help the game. Love your idea!

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Suggestion: The Dailies window should not just have a close button but also a “Close this window and Open Redeeming Window” button.
Keywords: UI, daily rewards, redeeming
Notes: It is really irritating having to close the one window and move the mouse over to the redeeming window button to open that and then to click on claim. So much unnecessary mouse movement.