Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Make the Pin feature in chat windows actually useful and add it to each individual chat to prevent accidentally closing the pinned chats with CTRL W.
Keywords: UI, chats, pin, closing windows
Notes: This happens all the time to me and it kills all the chat context and links I had in chat before I fatfingered CTRL W instead of CTRL A

Suggestion: Make dragging turrets/launchers in fitting window possible when the ship is already fitted with max number of turrets/launchers allowed.
Keywords: UI, fitting
Notes: Currently if you try to drag a turret/launcher to another slot (a common act to make your weapons heated longer) when the ship is already fitted with max number of turrets/launcher allowed, you’ll be informed “You cannot fit X doesn’t have any turret/launcher slots left for fitting, possibly because you have already filled your your ship with turrets/launchers or the ship simply cannot be fitted with turrets/launchers. …” and fail. This is annoying. This works in fitting simulation though.

Suggestion: Allow us to put assembled ships in station containers/warehouses
Keywords: Ships, storage, hangar, doctrine, station
Notes: Managing corp hangars is a nightmare when it comes to assembled ships. Being able to put them in station warehouses for easy sorting would be nice. A new type of ship container or whatever is fine as well.

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Larger window controls (minimize, pin, and X buttons). Please for the love of god, 4K is unbearable like this! Thanks

Technically that wouldn’t be the right area either, if he’s bringing up Echoes. Echoes has no place on the forums for EVE online

Suggestion: Tool tips on links in contract windows should show the object icon to be more useful.
Keywords: UI, contracts, object links, object icon
Notes: Instead of just saying “Show Station Info”, a bigger tool tip in a sensible location should show up and show the object icon. That would make it much more convenient to see what kind of object a CC goes to or comes from.

Suggestion: Market clipboard paste, but in the opposite direction. Pasting to add sell orders with pre-populated prices.
Keywords: UI, market, market seeding

Use case:
Export what you bought to clipboard (exists already), mark up all price columns by 5% externally for a new paste (excel, python, whatever), import new paste from clipboard to import sell orders.

Suggestion: Button to set sell item to average (0%) price.
Keywords: UI, market
Notes: A “set all” would be great

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Suggestion: There should be a tool tip on overview tabs (showing outside the overview on the edge of the window) that tells you which bracket setting and overview setting is loaded for the respective overview.
Keywords: UI, overview, tool tips, overview settings
Notes: Especially in big battles it’s quite annoying having to cycle through overview tabs to find the right tab for a specific thing. I have 2 tabs with BC/Frig overview settings loaded and use the tabs to change settings all the time depending on what I want to shoot primarily. Instead of switching to the tab to see which has which I would like to see this info in a tooltip to save performance.

Suggestion: Apply the new Jump Clone menu UI to the corporation wallet’s Division tab and give it buttons “Make Active”, “Deposit”, “Withdraw”.
Keywords: UI, wallet, corporation wallet, divisions
Notes: Right clicking the divisions to make them active the then click another button to withdraw, or to deposit by manually selecting the division. This would remove a couple of unnecessary right clicking.

Ability to see in the Structure Browser whether a structure has or has not a Quantum Core installed
Keywords: ui, quantum cores, structure browser, 100+ structure management :sweat:

Ability to remotely unrent empty (unused) offices in structures.
Keywords: ui, structures, corp office, 100+ structure management :sweat:

Upon decommissioning a structure (unanchoring) a pop-up warning about existing Office Rented or make empy (unused) offices not drop a station container!
Keywords: ui, structure drop, mining beacon, 100+ structure management :sweat:

Note: Bashing hundreds of thousands worth of hitpoints of an empty Station Container is no fun. And without the bash…good luck trying to deploy another structure (, Mining Beacon).

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If he were asking for Echoes related stuff I’d hope they have a feedback forum somewhere. However seems they’re asking to simplify EVE specific controls. Unless I miss understood the post.

Suggestion: A roll-up/down function for the solar system map window towards/from the bottom of the screen.
Keywords: system map, dscan, probing
Note: It’s faster to do and there’s no potential fiddling with buttons, which is highly useful for successfive dscanning sessions and probing.

Like this, but automatically:

On these forums no, echoes has no spot on these forums. Though there is an official discord for Eve echoes.

Suggestion: Chat invitations should mention the chat you are being invited to so that you can see at a glance if it’s worth it to accept the invitation.
Keywords: UI, chat, chat invitation
Notes: Yesterday I was invited into a garbage hypernet spam chat, which I could not see in the invitation. Instead of having to tell these people off, I would just reject the invitation if I had the ability to see what I am being invited into.

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