Little things / Small QoL suggestions

It would be great to have a way to turn on some sort of confirmation for the ‘block’ option. It’s right next to the ‘start conversation’ option, that seems ill advised.

Suggestion: Get ship on grid reference from Selected Item window

Keywords: ui, chat
Note: current method to get a reference to a ship on grid (currently bugged)

A pilot in my logi wing shared the above link showing how to get a reference to a ship currently on grid. I believe dragging the ship thumbnail from the Selected Item window would be a much more user friendly way of getting a reference to the selected ship.

Currently if you drag the ship thumbnail from the Selected Item window to the chat you’ll get a reference to the ship type.

Also note that the above mentioned method of getting the reference from info panel, also displays a buggy context menu.

Use custom filters.

Suggestion: The broadcast tab in the fleet window should have a filter for whose broadcasts you see. Either by role (SC/WC/FC) or by names.
Notes: UI, fleet, broadcast
Notes: Allow different squads/wings to see different broadcasts to avoid unnecessary clutter in the broadcast list and allow squad organization to be more useful.


Suggestion: Show the name of the person that handled a corp application in the rejection
Keywords: ui, corporation, applications
Note: Useful to know who to contact when the application gets rejected
Right now you can see the person that rejected the application in the notification feed but only their icon. So it’s hard to know who to contact when an application is rejected.

Suggestion: Fix max zoom scroll sensitivity on system map
Keywords: Scanning, system map, exploration
Note: useful to narrow down scans

When scanning down a difficult site or a ship, and you are at .5 ua radius on your probes trying to nudge them just a tiny bit, at that zoom it takes 2 minutes just to get it in your screen because when moving the map, it moves those probes 10x away from where you are focusing.
Please decrease the sensitivityity of map scrolling to be the same as the zoom level on the map.

Suggestion: Cloaks in Electical Meta Storms should show the red outline to indicate that it cannot be activated, like modules do when you want to activate guns on player but have safeties green.
Keywords: UI, modules, activation prevention
Notes: The tiny “You cannot activate this module here” info text somewhere on the screen is not enough to point out that issue.

Suggestions: The tooltip for command bursts should have the same numeric cycle timer that modules like cynos have.
Keywords: UI, tooltips, modules, timer, numeric timer
Notes: –

Suggestion: Refer to cycle time bonus with correct terms.
Keywords: Skills, bonuses, UI

Rate of fire is cycles/second.
Cycle duration is seconds/cycle.
When you see a “bonus to rate of fire” in EVE it is wrong. They are always actually bonuses to cycle duration.
It becomes extra confusing when the bonus can be either positive or negative. Often both positive and negative are used in SAME context.

For example the skill Rocket Specialization. The description says “2% bonus per level to the rate of fire” but the attributes say “Rate Of Fire Bonus -2 %”.
The skill gives -2% cycle duration bonus.

Cycle duration bonus and rate of fire bonus would have completely different results.
-50% cycle duration is same as +100% rate of fire.

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Suggestion: Possiblity to lock items
Keywords: ui, inventory
Note: Lock items, so that the items cannot be moved, sold, deleted.
Use case: Lock ammo or other stuff in place that e.g. shouldn’t be sold or get lost in any other way.

Buy a container.
Label it something sensible such as “Vital Stuff”.
Put items in that container.

Basically: buy boxes and tidy your stuff up!

The other solution is to move the items into asset safety. They are safe there.

doesn’t work with a ship, does it ? :slight_smile:

What this user is trying to accomplish is some means to avoid separating his ship from the inventory items it needs to operate as intended without having to manually sort through a potentially long list of acquired junk.

The best workaround I’ve found is to use inventory filters to hide unpackaged modules and ammo as best you can. Asset safety and containers wouldn’t work very well for this purpose.

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you got the problem. it would just be a nice and easy feature :slight_smile:

Would like that feature too :wink:

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Just saw that the feature exists for items in station containers! The same feature would be nice for the ship cargo.

Highlighted Names in chats. I think this was a feature before but now it’s gone (?)
I have low vision even w/ corrective measures and it would really help a lot to distinguish text from names by bolding and whitening them.

They ARE bolder, but with font render changes, the difference is too subtle now.
File it as a bug report, my advice.

Suggestion: Show the exact time till end of auction contract
Keywords: ui, contract

When bidding on an auction it would be nice to know how much time is left/the exact time it ends. Right now it just lists “Less then a day” for example, which is not very useful. Now it is possible to figure it out looking at the time the contract was created, but it is a little annoying to do.