Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Display current drone mode (aggressive/passive) somewhere in the Drones window.
Keywords: ui, drones
Notes: As it is now you have to click and open the Drones popup menu in the upper left corner to see what the mode your drones are in and that can be a pain in the middle of battle.

Not a little thing to develop - please post a separate thread for discussion.

Not a little thing to balance. Please post a separate thread for discussion.

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Suggestion: In “Simulate Fit” allow Ctrl-Drag-Drop empty slot of same size to copy/paste the current module.
Keywords: ui, fitting
Notes: Would be a lot quicker than finding it in Browse and adding.

I meant that the location window allows you to warp faster. even faster than if you had them in your overview since you overview updates.

I agree keyboard should be usable on location.

Suggestion: Remember size/position of [email] Message window (always, between logins/instances).
Keywords: ui, window, size, position, email, message
Notes: The game doesn’t seem to always remember the size/pos of the email Message window (like when you receive and click on a email notification).
Within one session I think it does, but then if you quit and restart, then the first time it pops up it is a little square in the middle of the screen again.

EDIT: It doesn’t appear to just be per session, I just had it reset within the same session. So I guess it’s when switching from inside to outside and vice versa.

Suggestion: Combine the Augmentations and Jump Clones tab

Keywords: augmentations, implants, jump clone

Note: Decluttering of the UI

With the new and neat Jump Clones tab in the character sheet I would’ve loved to see the Augmentations tab getting implemented into the jump clones tab. There really is no good reason to have a secondary tab just for the clone which you are currently using. Simply rename the tab from Jump Clones to Clones, add the clone which you are currently using to the list and we have removed an unnecessary part of the UI :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a mock up of how I think it could look:


Suggestion: Automatic packaging/stacking of items that are placed in hold or hanger

Keywords qol,

Notes The recent (ish) changes to probe charges show that it IS possible already to stack and repackage probes when they go into the hold of a ship, it would be nice to extend that automatically to any module that is dragged from a wreck or a fitting into a container or your hanger (with the exception of damaged modules that need to be repaired).

This would save a lot of time (especially those with large inventories) having to manually drag items from holds and containers to hangers in order to repackage them and place them back.

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That would need to be an option, I don’t think I always want every thing restacking automatically. The ability to repackage in containers would be good.

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and also, SELL from containers please.

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option is fine with me.

Suggestion: Toggle skybox art/starfield
Keywords: accessibility
Note: Skyboxes aren’t optimal for the visually impaired

A lot of the skyboxes in-use have very poor contrast against the UI, and are very hard to look at under some circumstances. The ability to toggle the skybox artwork (and optionally the starfield) would go a long way towards improving accessibility for the visually impaired.

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Suggestion: Overview as per-character setting
Keywords: overview
Notes: Overview settings as per-account instead of per-character prevents specialized characters from having specialized overviews.

I know that it’s possible to import an overview saved previously from a file, and the overview history is a thing. But changing overviews implies doing a complete reset between the change. In result, instead of using specialized overviews, one is almost forced to use a generic overview that fits all activities.


Suggestion: Contracts list efficient sorting
Keywords: contracts
Notes: When finding corporation contracts, for example, on situations that more than 1 page is available, shows the results without proper order.

When the contracts window for a corporation is opened, as long as there are enough contracts to fit more than a single contracts page, there is absolutely no way to display all results in the chosen order. There is always the need to check all remaining pages in order to be sure. For example, if sorted for “time remaining” there is no guarantee whatsoever that the subsequent pages do not have items with higher expiry date than all the items in the first page.


Suggestion: Multiple wallets for individual players

Keywords: Wallet, multiple wallets, UI

Notes: It would be handy if you create 1 or more additional wallets as a player (I know they can be done at a corp level). I know i would find it handy just for a more immersive game play. Lets say for example I wanted to fund an expensive ship or implant i could store money there away from my own main wallet over time to put towards it.

Or even better (although may be out of the realms of a “little thing” allow us to allocate x percentage of income to each additional wallet. so any income I get, be it market sales or mission runnig for example I can allocate X percentage to a named wallet.

Suggestion: Share the ship’s name visible in space and for me/corp

Keywords: ships,gameplay,UI

Notes: So that you don’t have to come up with encrypted names that are clear to me and incomprehensible on the direction scanner.

Why shouldn’t you have to do that? It’s fun.

My ship names are incomprehensible to others and clear to me. And if ship names can be made incomprehensible to enemies at the click of a button, a lot of people would do so and gameplay involving ship names would be gone.

I think it’s better if you make a separate thread for this suggestion where we can discuss pros and cons.

Suggestion: Remember Name of Capsule
Keywords: ui, ships
Note: Why do I have to rename my capsule every-time I log on or change ships

Most players rename their capsules if they are undocking without a ship (which there are reasons to do), but many of us do not want to give the intel that it’s our capsule so we rename it. If we get in out of a ship, then capsule has to be renamed again, if we log off on we have to rename it again. Non stop, pointless activity. Many of us have dozens of characters and this leads to a lot of clicks and unnecessary steps. Leave the last name on my capsule, stop auto renaming it for me back to my name. Thank you.

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because it’s not fun.

Good riddance.