Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Keywords: UI
Suggestion: Scale cursor to Windows setting.

I am using a 4K display as my main screen.
This causes my cursor to appear very small.
So in Windows I increased the size of my cursor by default to be more visible.

Yet, for EVE Online my cursor stay very small, making it very hard to locate/follow.

Other games keep the size of the cursor the same as Windows.
Even with their custom cursor.
Ex: Final Fantasy XIV cursor size is exactly the same as my default in Windows.


Keyword: UI, Skin
Suggestion: Let us set the skins for ships from the Ship tree, even if we do not have the ship.
So that when we have the ship, the skin is automatically set.
The main reason for this is that I keep getting skins for capsules for example that I cannot apply without having to fly a ship, exit the ship in space (leaving it at the mercy of others), to be able to change the skin of the capsule.
Unless there is a way I do not know to do this.

I still think that being able to change the skin of ships/capsules (as a ‘default’ skin) from the ship tree would be better, and maybe even encourag people to use skins more.

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Adding cloaks to modules that can be activated under gate cloak as it allows high ping players to do what low ping players take for granted…ie align/warpto and hit cloak at same time.


Suggestion: Highlight Stations in the Current System in the Asset window.
Keywords: ui, list, highlight, asset
Notes: When you’re jumping through a route, and you have the Assets window open, it shows stations in system ALONG your route highlighted in Yellow, but once you enter a system it stops highlighting that/those station(s). Please highlight these systems, preferably in a different color (cyan?).
… A lot of times I’ll be flying a route with Waypoints, with the intent of doing something at each of those waypoints, and the highlight is like a reminder. Once I get to one of the waypointed systems, it stops highlighting, and my busy/simple/distracted/drunk mind forgets to do whatever it was I meant to do in that system.

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Suggestion: Is it possible to launch probes in a formation by clicking on the probe launcher and not just by clicking on the launch formation button?
Keywords: Probe launching, launch in pattern formation
Notes: When I enter a system, my mouse is on the hud to activate cloak, mwd and launch probes. The probe launcher is far away and it saves a click or two and lots of mouse movement if this was possible from the probe launcher button in the hud.

Suggestion: Show wormhole type before “wormhole” string in overview “name” column
Keywords: ui, overview, wormhole
Note: improves readability of overview

The overview is already kind of crowded with all the information that you need to display in there. Columns are used at their minimum relevant width so having these values switched around will allow me to minimize the “name” column while still seeing the relevant piece of information (“K162”, “Q003”, etc.) outright. Picture attached.

Untitled - Paint


Suggestion: Make probes appear on the map correctly when you launch them
Keywords: ui, probe scanner map, scanning
Scenario is that I’m in system A and I’ve been scanning. I jump to system B and launch probes. They do not appear where I am on the map in system b. They appear in the last scanned position in system A.

This is a massive PITA if system A was a large system and system B is small. And also the fact it;s just not correct. If you launch probes, they 100% should be where your ship is at the time of launching

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Suggestion: Ability to mark favorite locations on the map to make certain areas easier to find.
Keywords: UI, map, favorite locations, markers
Notes: I have certain areas on the map that I regularly visit with characters and check with other characters. Opening P&P to check bookmarks to go Show on Map is cumbersome. Markers like the home station marker would make this much easier and give the map a feature that contemporary maps have.


Suggestion: A checkbox in the Industry window to hide used BPC/O,RF,AR.
Keywords: UI, industry window, hide used items
Notes: I just had to scroll down a list of 300 BPC to find an unused BPC in my corp to start the jobs that I wanted to start. That’s a lot of scrolling for no good reason.


Allow all actions that can be done from “Item hanger” to be done from containers in the “Item hanger”

Might just be a bug but I just this moment needed the feature:
Suggestion: Make it possible to drag and drop corporation links (and alliance links?) into the Private → Name field in the Contract setup window.
Keywords: UI, contracts, private contract, drag and drop
Notes: You can drag characters just fine. However, as you can also create private contracts to corps and alliances, it should be possible to drop corp names, too.

Suggestion: The header bar of an expanded Asset location category should not disappear from view, it should stay as locked row at the top of the window.
Keywords: UI, asset window, asset location categories,
Notes: I just had to scroll through hundreds of lines of assets to see the location header again to collapse the respective location category.

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ALSO, ALL lists should, unless a sort order is applied, list items the same way.

This would allow the user to compare the contents of two lists much easier than the current way.

Suggestion: Include new reactions in modules required to react them and rigs to increase efficiency.
Keywords: Reactions, industry, gas, Molecular-Forged Materials
The new reactions required for faction /battleship/capitals are listed as reaction group type “Molecular-Forged Materials”

The module required to react them, and the rig to get bonuses to efficiency is not listed in any of the athanor or tatara structure equipment.

Through process of elimination, I’ve figured out its using the “biochemical” (drugs) modules and rigs, but they do not list this in their description.

Athanor descriptions needing an update:
Standup M-Set Biochemical Reactor Material Efficiency I
1 x Standup M-Set Biochemical Reactor Material Efficiency II
Standup M-Set Biochemical Reactor Time Efficiency I
Standup M-Set Biochemical Reactor Time Efficiency II

Tatara descriptions needing an update:

Standup L-Set Reactor Efficiency I
Standup L-Set Reactor Efficiency II

Structure module needing update:
Standup Biochemical Reactor I

Alternative: Make a new Standup “Jinx-type” Molecular-Forged Materials Reactor I and efficiency rigs :upside_down_face:

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on several occasions i have asked that the “access” button be made visible on undock rather than when you arrive at the POCO. we do not generally need to go to the POCO most of the time.
Also the wonderful graphics introduced recently have made the extractor heads more difficult to locate (particularly on lava planets) can we brighten up our networks a bit (or offer a neutral planet view when scanninig and resetting heads)
also… we still wish we could just “restart” extractors rather than the laborious, click on head, select from the pop up, select stop, select start, slide mouse across the screen to hit submit.


Suggestion: Display list of ship types inside selection box
Keywords: UI, multi select
Note: It might be interesting to be able to list/count ships inside a selection box (either Ctrl or Shift + mouse drag). This could be an helpful tool for FCs, giving them an idea of current forces on grid.


Suggestion: Ability to name your PI Launchpads

Keywords: QOL, PI, PI Import/Export, Low Man-Hr Fix.
Note: Being able to name the launchpads would help massively when doing a multi-planet setup.

PI Has been around for ages. It felt unfinished when it was released. It has got better over time. PI is now required for a lot more of the EVE Industry. A feature that has been missing since inception is the ability to name your launchpads to make having multiple planet PI chains not need them to be built in a certain way to ensure your pads were in the right order via auto naming. Please support this as it should be a relatively low man hour change to smooth out the gameplay of every serious PI player.

The ability to name your colony/factory would also be nice for RP, But I can not think of a mechanical benefit to such.


I use Evepraisal for this, but not having to leave game would be nice.

maybe an option that allows you to sort by a few filter groups

Suggestion : Allow Dragging and Dropping Multiple Blue Prints for Copy or Research
Keywords : UI, multi select
Note : Caring for the health of the Eve Player Base

When researching a lot of blue prints, I noticed my hand started hurting… again (the last time was when PI was first introduced). Allow us to drag and drop or load as many BPO’s as our skills will allow. Perhaps a menu like multi buy opens and you can research, copy or invent multiple BPO’s. Thank you.

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