Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Not to mention you will likely only have locator agrees for one or two of the factions. Trying to find someone who’s 40 jumps from your closest locator agent is the definition of great gameplay.

Not exactly a fix but I have notepad entries that are just a list of stations for this reason. Having it under one click would be great though.

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This suggestion is moot as the capability to move the window already exists.

Suggestion: Move action window down off of target icons
Keywords: ui

The window which pops up telling you things like “Your salvager successfully …” covers important information under the locked target icons.

you can move that yourself. @Project9
Click on the options button below the capacitor and at the bottom of the options is “Enter Moving Mode for Messages” When you click on that, you can move the two different message boxes wherever you want to put them.


Thank you very much.
I will look at that next time I’m on.

Excellent, that works exactly as you said.
Thanks again.

Suggestion: “Broadcast Jump Beacon” should be in the right-click menu of an active cyno module.
Keywords: Modules, right click menu, broadcast beacon, UI
Notes: Avoids having to sift through the hamburger menu in the fleet window.

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suggestion: “exempt from fleet payout”
keywords: UI
notes: this could be quite useful for people who are salvagers who want to warp on grid, drop an MTU and leave, there are also larger fleets where the FC’s need you to engage the rats on gate sometimes, the payout is minimal. just a thought, i hope this is small enough to be a QOL change. corps can help new bro’s by exempting themselves from payouts, etc.

Are you referring to mission payouts? Anybody on grid gets a part of the payment from rats on grid, IIRC. Though I been trying to find the page where I thought CCP changed it so the person who gets the last shot on the NPC gets the bounty.

Why the F are salvagers using a MTU and not a salvaging ship… thats the whole point of the Noctis or being able to use a Destroyer.

as far as mission running, the person who has the mission, controls who gets paid, so they could ultimately just take all the pay and split it between the newbros minus himself.

no i don’t mean mission payouts, but i suppose that would also be applicable
i’m talking about general ratting, (belt and gate rats, ratting sites)
some salvagers who might not have the skill to use a noctis might should be able to warp into a site without getting payment by flagging themselves exempt from payments
I figured it would be cool to copy the flag exempt from fleet warp to flag exempt from payments.

some people might drop an mtu and come back in a salvage ship after, some people might have a salvage alt to save time, it boils down to the individual player

sometimes people fly in fleets and don’t care about the isk, there are times its more about the people or when a corp is helping a new player out.

or perhaps make it so that when you join a fleet you now have to “opt in” and it shows you in the fleet tab (where you broadcast for reps and such) that a person has opted in. this way it stops trolls from flying into ships in Stealth bombers and leeching off peoples kills.

sometims you just want to help a bro out and not worry about the isk.

Suggestion: Ability to drag a ship fit into the search bar to select that fit items from hanger.

Keywords: ui, filtering, selection
Note: Then I could contract the items, haul them or trade them to another player for example.
(In case where multifit can’t be used due to missing hull or I don’t want to deal with assembled ships)

it’s been forty years… ccplease

Suggestion: have the agents that only give one mission per day (R&D for example) reset during DT
Keywords: R&D, agent, daily mission reset
Notes: Currently I have research with 4 agents. With the travel I need about 30 minutes to do all of their quests. 3 of those agents did reset within 15-19 hours after the mission was completed, but the 4th one didn’t reset at all. This has happened to me several times by now. Can we please have everything that should be available once in every 24 hours reset during DT? That would help making schedules much easier.

Suggestion: Wars with kills should have a brighter Crossed Sword icon in the War History tab.
Keywords: UI, wars, war report, war history, icon
Notes: This would make it easier to see which wars show some activity when you have to look through dozens of ongoing wars from certain groups.

Suggestion: Add to way to see all the ship in a skin group and see which one we have and which one we do not have.
Keywords: UI, Skins, Ships
Notes: I am doing my dailies for the Project Discovery.
Each time I get a level I get a package with some skins.
And each time I am wondering which one I have and which one I don’t.

At the moment the only way for me to know which of those skins I have unlocked is to:

  • Try to activate the skin and maybe fail.
  • Going through every ship and looking at their skin list.
  • Clicking on the skin, click on the ship and check its skin list.

It would be nice to be able to see a popup/list of all the ships in a skin group and indicate if we have it or not.
That would also give us a way to quickly see how the skin applies to each ship.
Like a table
| Ship icon | Ship name | locked/unlocked | Estimated market price |

You could also put a marker on the skin item in the inventory (the one we use to unlock the skin) to show that we already own it.
Like a green check mark in the bottom right corner of the skin icon.

If you open your character window, there is a tab for the skins. There you should be able every skin that exists in the game, you can also preview them from that list.
I do agree about marking the skins that you have already collected as items you can’t use in the inventory, these are permanent changes to the character so tracking them could be easier.

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@Ideki As mentioned Above, i’ll refer you to these two images.

This image is just to show you the toggle for selecting SKINs you do or don’t own… or all the SKINs.

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Yes, but you get them by ship.
Not by skin group (ex: Exoplanet hunter, Biosecurity…)
I would like to click on Biosecurity and see all the ships that have that skin, and which ship-skin I have unlocked.

thats what my screen shot shows…
I specifically picked Caldari Industrial Livery SKIN group to show that I only have 3 out of 13 SKINs for that particular SKIN motif, I don’t fly other industrials under that particular skin group, so I only have 3 Active.

My screenshots show what you want.

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Why are smartbombs called smartbombs? They aren’t smart at all! They hit everything regardless of anything.

This thread is not the right place for that.

But, if you want to know: what do you think happens if a bomb explodes on a ship? The ship is severely damaged and everything around it might be damaged as well.

Then why is it called a ‘smart’ bomb? Because it hits everything except your own ship. That’s quite unusual for explosions.

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