Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: The UI should tell people if the Assist Drones limit for a char has been reached and/or the available number of drone slots to assist.
Keywords: UI, drones, drone assist, drone window
Notes: It is not very clear or at all clear if you can assist drones or why drone assist did not work successfully. There should be something like an icon in the Assist Drones right click menu that shows if a char is available or a “(X/50)” counter.

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Suggestion: Wildcard search terms like in the Asset Window’s Search tab in other places like contracts or market.
Keywords: UI, assets, market, contracts, wildcard searches
Notes: I recently had to buy a bomber, any bomber, via contracts but to find an available contract, I had to search all 4 bombers individually by name. It would have been much easier if the Contract window would just show me all bomber contracts when I search for “bomber”.

Suggestion: Make notes linkable in chat.
Keywords: notepad, ui
Notes: This would make it much easier to share lists of items, rather than having to drag a dozen different fits into chat, or write out long explanations that might be interrupted and complicated by other players.

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Have you tried botnet docs?

I’ve never heard of it, but now I’m going to look into it. Thanks for the tip.

The shared bookmarks system can be used this way for organizing a lot of different notes into sub-folder categories.

Just tell people to double click a bookmark in the locations folder you share. Each ‘bookmark’ has a notes section which preseves formatting for up to 3900 characters–same as the regular notepad.

With the access list functionality on shared location folders there’s an ability to make a global availability category in your access lists that you’d set for the ‘view only access’ permission. That way when you link this notepad folder in chat or a mail anyone can online it and see the list of subfolder organized notes.

Reminder: You don’t have to be in space to save locations. Just rename the saved location to something descriptive of the notes content.

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I appreciate this workaround, though I’d still prefer linkable notes for the sake of simplicity.

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Also known as Google docs.

Given the amount of folks robbing EES banks there should be a bank robber mask available.

Suggestion: Have a different icon or color for the skill we can train with just buying the book for it
Keywords: ui, skills
Notes: The new skills UI is cool.
But one problem I have is that there is no distinctions between skills I can train because I just need to buy the book, and skills that I cannot train because I do not have the requirements.

Example: I have trained Infomorph Psychology to 4.
And I am looking at Infomorph Synchronizing. It shows as a red background with a book skills.
And says that I do not have the skillbook and/or the requirements.
The requirements are actually Infomorph Psychology 1.
So I can clearly train it if I just buy the book.
But from the UI it is not clear at all, I need to actually dig in the info.
I am a long time player, so I know where to get the info,
For each skill I need to right-click → show info → requirements
For new players (which you CCP are clearly trying to get with all the ads and training videos), this is not clear at all.

I suggest that:

  • skill that I can train just buy buying the book have a green background with the book on them.
  • skill that I am missing requirements have the current red background with the book on them.

It is true that if I click on the book icon I get a popup that list the missing skills.
But I think it would go the extra-mile to just show the status directly on the icon.

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Suggestion: Show the minimum required time to train a skill to level 1
Keywords: ui, skills
Notes: With the new skills UI we got a popup that shows us the requirements we are missing to train a skill.
It would be nice to have the popup also show how long it would take to train all those skills to the required levels in order to unlock the skill we actually want.

I need skill A level 4 and skill B level 5 to train skill C level 1.
I have skill A level 3 and not skill B.
So the popup would show:

Time to skill C level 1: A (time 3 → 4) + B (time 1 → 5) + C (time 1) = X days Y hours Z minutes.

This way, players would know when they can expect to be able to use that skill.

The only way to do this at the moment is to actually queue the skills and check the queue duration.
Or to do the math.
Or to use an external tool.

@Ideki if you right click a skill and click info, if you have prereqs that need to be trained, when you right click it will show you requirements to unlock that skill and how long it will take.

for example: sovereignty is the highest skill needed to have the max amount of members in a corp/alliance.

I have no skills for corp management trained.
to be able to train sovereignty, I need to first train Corp management, mecacorp management and empire control all to V. Which it tells you will take a total of 65 days, 20 hours, 56 min and 47 seconds, to train all 3 skills to Level V.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras I know,
My point is that you need to right-click twice to get that info.
And it gives you the info for just that 1 skill.
If the skill you want has more than 1 requirement, you will need to do that for each of them.
And then do the math to know when you could actually when you can train the skill you want.

That info should be easily accessible without any click.
Especially since the new popup has so much empty space when there are only a few requirements missing.

Little Things QoL suggestion:

issue: the fleet broadcast icon for “at location” is the same as “travel to”
solution: can we get the “at location” be set as a null icon?

reason: most use the “at location” broadcast to tell logi they’re good for capacitor (among other things not related to the intended function by ccp)…and having it ‘reset’ their individual watch list icon would be freaking awesome

tangent: there is no hotkey to clear either the fleet history for broadcasts nor the global clear watch list icons. (would be nice to have one though. hint hint)

wishful thinking: it would be freaking cool if we had another broadcast option that WAS the null icon that said “i’m good” or “:heart: logi” or “let me clear this icon on your watchlist guys, thx” or “jesus christ, CCP, can’t you [expletive] your [bleep] [BLEEEP] in the [redacted]”

and while ur at it: how about a different icon for broadcast: jump to beacon (WARP to is the same icon)…but low on my priority list at the moment. plz k thx bye

Via the image below, You can see it will take my alt 57 days to train into the marauders. as far as training each skill into level 1, that is already listed beside the skill itself.
After all the other requirements are met, when i start training Maruaders into L1, it would take only 1h 22 min for skill level 1.
What your looking for in game is there… right click show info… and click on requirements.

Suggestion: Bookmark favorites to make the “L” button bookmark window more useful.
Keywords: UI, bookmarks, L bookmark window, favorites
Notes: I have certain systems with a few bookmarks which are on the one hand necessary for navigation and target interception, but on the other hand they challenge the UI and make it hard to use them. However, I only use a few of them all the time and it would help a lot if those would be much easier to use without putting them into special categories outside their intended categories.

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