Little things / Small QoL suggestions

I’ve absolutely never needed this. Warp to has always meant warp to, needs armour has always meant needs armour.

I do have a work around for you.
Configure BC settings for profile 1
Create a new note
Drag BC settings to the note
Configure BC settings for profile 2
Drag BC settings to the note
Configure BC settings for profile 3
Etc etc

I want it on the overview, bookmarking stuff has no change on how things appear there. Sure there are workarounds, but this thread is about small Quality of Life changes, and this would be that for a lot of people, with no real negatives.

That seems to be lazy asking. Sort your assets by jump distance and current system’s stations will always be at the top. And they are highlighted yellow if they are in your route.
Overview is a highly performance sensitive part of the UI. Overloading it with unnecessary information is asking for trouble.

The personal assets window has a solar system “filter” which is actually a tab, easy to use.

This is for hot-swapping settings purely. So if normally fly DPS or logi you can customize what you see with out having to uncheck everything once configured. Same thing with an overview profile on a different tab.

Suggestion: Fix market order availability
Keywords: market, filters, availability
Note: Market with the settings of “Region” “Show only Available” will do a half job only showing available offers. Clicking on the category will show results in a citadel that is unreachable.
Ie: Clicking on “Gallente Cruisers” will show 10 vexor at the Price of “X” and “X” jumps away as a vaild offer. Then clicking on the “Vexor” sub category itself will show 0 results as buy offers which mean they are not actually available yet show up under “Show only Available”. This happens in 0.0 if you dont now have acess to a structure with an active “Vexor” order yet it shows up in the category anyways.

Suggestion: Do not let Dredwerkz to post in this thread anymore.
Keywords: forum
Note: I dont know what hes smoking


As well as the regular cargo hold in the simulate screen.
have the potential UI for Ore/Gas/Ice Etc depending on the ship. it would be nice to be able to see ore holds at a glance on the simulate

When sharing a set of broadcast settings, does it not also save active state too (along with colour.)

Just high on life.

Odd to make a post singling me out like that?

Suggestion: Automatically move higher level security missions out of starter systems
Keywords: Missions, MTUs, deployables, starter systems
Note: Not having MTUs for missions with many wrecks is a huge pain to collect manually

****Now that we can’t deploy MTUs in starter systems, could we develop a system to move (at least level 3 and 4) security missions to a different system automatically? It can be a lot of loot to leave on the table sometimes.

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Suggestion: make the Waypoint square icons bigger (or allow us to change size) under Route section
Keywords: UI, travel, navigation
Note: when using small UI scale, it is hard to click on the small square boxes

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Did they ban the noctis too?

You have the options of a destroyer or noctis to scoop loot.

Also, ccp would have ignored your "suggestion " since you can’t follow simple instructions.

But considering they didn’t fix storyline missions. Due to ore redistribution, I don’t see them screwing up and making missions broken.

Suggestion: Unify the Set Name and Change Name.
Keywords: UI, name change
Notes: Set Name and Change Name are in wildly different places in the right click menu, which makes changing ship names weird. Those option should either be in the same position all the time in the right click menu, or one option should go and only one should remain.


Suggestion: The large Skill Queue icon in the neocom should show me if I am training or if my skill training is paused.
Keywords: UI, skill training, skill queue icon, neocom
Notes: After the odd alpha clone hickup the other day, some of my chars stopped training but I did not notice until a day or two later. It would be nice if the huge icon would show me that I am training or not so that I do not have to check the tiny, narrow bar below the icon that can be empty anyway if I just started a longer skill.

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normally when you have nothing in your Queue, you’ll get a notification, no skill in training… you can hover over the large icon, or the smaller bar, and it will show if a skill is paused or not (paused it shows that its not training a skill)

easy to see the info hovering over either the skillbook or the bar underneath it. when its paused or no skill, the bar is nonexistant.

The bar is also non-existent when I start training a new and long skill. And even if an almost full bar goes away, it is still only a tiny, narrow blue element that is missing. I did not notice that it was missing because it is so easily to overlook. I should also not be required to hover over an icon to see if I am still training when the icon itself, which is otherwise completely useless, should tell me that right away. Especially in cases where I don’t know that I don’t train a skill anymore because I never stopped the queue myself and thus would never think about hovering my mouse over the skill book.

This is not about an empty skill queue, it is about a paused skill queue. My queue is filled with lots of skills, which is why there was no notification, because there is no respective option for that circumstance. And it is good because I don’t need the game to tell me that I am not training anything on a char when another char is training.

when a skill is paused, it still says no skill training… i paused a skill and thats what it says when you hover over it.

I agree, I’d even go further, you should get a pop-up on log in and log out that there’s no skill in training.

I’ve been out the game about 2 weeks now. Would be ■■■■ to log in to find I’ve got no skill in training when the game could tell me as I go to log out.

Edit: guess what I discovered when I logged in today?

Suggestion: Separate route icons for jump bridges when they are enabled and plotted for a route
Keywords: ui, icon, jump bridge
Note: Adding a different icon for the anisblex jump bridges to the route display in the upper left route calculation will provide a quick visual verification for pilots.