Little things / Small QoL suggestions

I more meant it with the same energy as “did I ■■■■■■■ stutter?” because the copy command is perfectly capable of doing what he wants.

It sounds like the utility you have is capable of making changes both ways, I assume it just looks at file modified date and copies the most recent to all others.

You can set the batch to run periodically if you really want, but honestly I only found it useful when creating a new resolution profile.

Suggestion: An indicator for the structural integrity of cargo containers drifting in space.
Note: There’s currently no way to see how long a cargo container has before it degrades. I noticed the containers have lights on them, which could be used as a rough indicator. As the container degrades, the lights could go out, or change colors. I’m okay with randomized timing on the cargo containers (50 minutes for one, 45 for another, 65 for another, etc.), but it’d be nice to have some idea of how long a container has before it falls apart.


@Von_DeMoreno most likely if you right click on the container, it should tell you… I just checked a mobile depot, it gives you its life time under attributes.

mobile depot’s are 30 days, the one i’m looking at:
Remaining Lifetime: 20d 10h 26m 17s remaining

just checked a secured container thats anchored with a password.

expiration of said container, 14 days. So what you want is in game, just have to right click each individual cargo container to see what you want to see.

For jettisoned containers from cargo, there is no such indicator.

Suggestion: Make it possible to set event reminders in the calendar.
Keywords: Calendar
Note: While the function to set events on the calendar is handy and I’m grateful for the notification that pops up when the event starts, it’d be nice to be able to set a reminder in advance of events so people can start forming up.

Suggestion: Ability to close notification
Keywords: ui, notification feed
Note: Currently when you get a notification from the notification feed, the only way to click what’s hidden behind it is by waiting until the notification disappears. Allow us to make it disappear immediately with a new rightclick option or a cross in the corner.


Suggestion: Make skill tooltip disappear when hovered in skill UI
Keywords: ui, skill window
Note: Currently when moving through the skill window the skill tooltips can block visibility and access to the skill above it. Scrolling also stops working when the skill tooltip happens to pop up under the mouse. If the skill tooltip would disappear like the skill category tooltip in the upper part of the skill window disappears (on mouseover), we wouldn’t have these annoying issues.


Suggestion: Use the buggy color differences for jump clone icons as indicator for the age of the clone.
Keywords: UI, jump clone, icon, color variation
Notes: Right now I see 5 different icon color variations for my jump clones. Instead of this random variation it would be cool to see from the color how old a clone is relative to others. The bleaker the icon, the older the clone. That could eventually fit neatly into a decaying system for jump clones.

That is where dust 514 should have tied in.

The dustt players literally still play the same game, but interact with eve pilots to secure jobs taking and holding PI. And the rest would have fallen into place. It would have still been the same game, just more depth and integration into eve and communication between the 2. Player driven. Couldnhave even been another part of eve where your character creation can also been a dust clone.

But no they wanted ps3 and mercs randomly fighting over land aimlessly for no reason.

Suggestion: Allow me to add an additional column that lists Training Rate to the Training Queue!
Keywords: UI, Skills Window, Training Queue.
Note: Think of the usefulness of this as you build your skill queue.

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Suggestion: Add a stopwatch feature.
Keywords: Clock, Calendar, UI
Note: It’d be nice to have a stopwatch, sometimes, that would keep track of a specific time down to the second.


Suggestion: Make this thread sortable by popular messages.
Keywords: UI, feedback_improvement, feature_priority
Note: Like at Reddit
I have very little motivation to post anything here because it will be lost somewhere between the lines. I have a lot of ideas and I have tried to post here twice but gained almost no reaction.
Also I have very little motivation of coming back here and voting for features because I can not reliably filter out features that are too individual.
I suppose this thread actually deserves its own subreddit. Or at least a separate flair (tag) at EVE subreddit.

Suggestion: Shareable Hangars / Containers
Keywords: ACL, Share, Container, Hangar
Note: Container item or Rentable Station/Structure Hangar or the existing “Structure Container” that could be shared through an ACL.
(i.e. : NOT a Personnal or Corporation Hangar. By definition “ACL” means, anyone)


If you read @CCP_karkur s first post, she’s got an algorithm to filter through all the posts. This threads purpose is when a dev has free time, and not a huge time sink of a change, they’ll work on these. If you filter through her posts, you can see where they’ve added suggestions to the game.


This thread isn’t a voting platform. It’s here for the devs to review ideas, using a script, add items to the QoL evaluation list inside their planning tools (where the actual winnowing of ‘feasible/worthwhile vs silly/unrealistic/already possible/etc’ happens). The functionality you are talking about isn’t part of this third-party forum platform’s capabilities, and serves no purpose for the developers. You can use search on the thread (there are keywords, after all) or read it in posted order.


They really should add a submission form for this thread.


Name it the time you deployed it.

Advanced: work out it’s exportation time and name it that instead.

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That’s the workaround I currently use. I stick with the time I jettisoned the can, but it’d be nice to have an alternative.

Suggestion: The Reply button for a mail in a mailing list should send the reply mail to the mailing list and not the character that send the first mail to the mailing list.
Keywords: Mail, mailing list, reply to mail
Notes: It’s quite inconvenient that I have to manually add the mailing list handle to the recipient field when I exchange mails with moderators. There could be an extra setting to allow or prohibit sending reply mails to the whole mailing list to prevent spam from people who should not be allowed to send mass replies (such as normal members).

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Perhaps a Reply All button in addition to standard functionality, that is controllable by ACL rules for the mailing list?