Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Module Show Info, either in Description or Traits or in the icon, should tell at a glance if you can mutate a module.
Keywords: UI, show info, mutaplasmid, icon
Notes: To my knowledge there’s currently no ingame way to figure out which modules can be mutated and which can’t. Over time all modules will be mutatable, but since this is not the case yet, a clear indication what can and can’t be mutated makes sense.

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Suggestion: Allow items to be priced by percentage in regional markets.
Keywords: Market
Notes: Currently, if I want to sell an item for a specific percentage of the regional value, I have to either scroll the price up or down until the percentage matches what I want, or I have to do a separate mathematical calculation and manually enter the price. I would prefer to be able to type a percentage in and have the list price adjust accordingly.


Suggestion: Make Overseer Personal Effects icons more interesting.
Keywords: Overseer, icon
Notes: The overseer personal effects icons are dull and don’t reflect how valuable they sometimes are on a visual level.

I get more exited seeing a $100k Sansha’s laser crystal than a $120mil 22nd tier overseers personal effects. Any sort of triangle in the corner would make them more visually interesting than the dull gray box they currently are. Perhaps slightly different icons for different value levels? Thanks.

Suggestion: Blops and cov ops ships can target while cloaked
Keywords: Black ops covert ops
Notes: Why is eve the only game where the equivalent of a rogue cant target while cloaked. That is some carebear rubbish.

Suggestion: The Home Station tab in the Char window should tell me if I have a jump clone installed in the current station.
Keywords: UI, jump clones, home station, death clone, character window
Notes: I death clone around a lot and in old Clone Bay window you would see easily if you have a JC installed in the current station when you wanted to DC away from it. In the new Char window tabs, this is not possible anymore and requires unnecessary and unwarranted clicks and tab switching.

Yes, the suggestion is to avoid having to flip to another tab to see that data


I don’t think that’s a good idea for balance reasons, but this thread isn’t one for discussions. So if you want to discuss it, feel free to make a separate suggestion thread. :grin:

Suggestion: If a module has ammo loaded that you cannot use yet, the module should visually show this by displaying a red aura around the module.
Keywords: UI, modules, ammo, skills
Note: I just grabbed a Barge from a corp hangar and checked the fitting to load crystals. The miners had T2 crystals loaded and the module wasn’t grayed out, so I thought maybe I could use the crystals even though I still lack the necessary skill level. The UI should have told me that I cannot use the crystals yet.

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Suggestion: A right click option “Find in Skill Catalogue” for skills in hangar, search results, in the market window, linked in chats/mails.
Keywords: UI, right click options, skills, skill catalogue
Notes: Make it easier to find skills and avoid unnecessary purchases and other mistakes.

Deliver items from ship cargohold - will make it easier to drop off other people’s loot without sorting it through your own hangar or waiting to trade them

Few items

  1. Set Default Pod Name Feature - So I dont have to constantly rename it, just made thread about that before this

  2. Hot key to target broadcast - rather than fussing trying to find the ship etc. Just mash a button, plz.

  3. Target Next Hot Key - Cycle through non-blue ships starting with closest to farthest, maybe settings to change to largest to smallest, vice versa, ship type, etc.

  4. Auto Resume Fire on Reload Setting - Allow the option to automatically “cycle your guns” and resume firing on last target after a reload.

  5. Jettison all cargo hotkey - Rather than clicking and dragging.

  6. Offload all cargo hotkey - Rather than clicking and dragging.

  7. Fleet Align - Allow an FC or Squad Leader to automatically align his flock.

  8. Fleet Dock - Allow an FC or Squad Leader to automatically dock his flock.

  9. Fleet Jump - Actually not positive this is a good thing since Trigs/Eden Com/Faction, but include it for consideration given the theme of the last couple.

  10. Look At Next Hotkey - Fairly low need, but it would be nice to check out the fleet or the opposition’s decor. Similar to target with settings etc maybe.

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When you right click to “use” a plasmid a list of possible modules is given.

Edit: The “use with” tab on the plasmid lists modules you can modify.

Pretty sure it’s just “Home station” when you click character sheet that tells you where your death clone is.

I don’t care about the death clone. This is about the jump clones.

If I have a module in front of me, I don’t want to look up potential mutaplasmids. I want to know if this module can be mutated or not.

Stop suggestion stupid and irrelevant workarounds.

Suggestion: The Proving Grounds window needs a reload/refresh button.
Keywords: UI, proving grounds, refesh leaderboards
Note: As it is, the only way to refresh the leaderboard is by closing and reopening the window. That’s not a good way to interact with a UI that shows constantly changing data.

Suggestion: Selecting different Ammo while the weapon cycles

Keywords: ui, gun, reloading, modules

Note: Ammo will be swapped as soon as the gun is deactivated or reloading.

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Suggestion: Indicator for manned citadels

Keywords: gameplay, PvP, small scale, UI, Citadels

Note: Citadels should have a indicator when they get manned, to enable to take high risk fights / skirmishes on them. At the smallest combat scale that would balance the power they have as a force multiplier. Otherwise, the Citadels strong defenses always have to be taken into consideration before engaging in any combat on the grid. A big disincentive to play on the grid at all, if the citadel is not the primary target. “Schrödingers gunner”

Calendars need an update.
QoL For all of eve…

Have timers marked for corp/alliance with EVE time and the Timezone on the client.
Make it easier for us to see upcoming timers without doing the math or using a website to show what the timer is for our TZ.
Just an idea, feel free to use and improve.

It would be nice to have the ability to bind “regroup” to a hotkey.

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@Soldier_Forrester that goes for you too.