Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Warp stopping
Keywords: Warp
**Note: **

Would it be possible to stop warp “as soon” as I hit stop and not when I reach the destination … as in any good Si Fi movie … The Star Trek Enterprise stops his warp when he wants …

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You want control of your ship? HA!

Something like that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then something is badly coded, because it’s ramps up my GPU fan in seconds. Radeon RX 5700 XT.

Suggestion: The Scope options for Boadcasting in a fleet should be named according to fleet terminology and be more specific for Squad/Wing.
Keywords: UI, text, fleet window, broadcast scope
Notes: Now it says “Everyone”, “My Group”, “Superiors”. This should be named “Everyone”, “My Squad/Wing”, “Higher Hierarchy/Level or Superiors”. This makes it clearer what group you broadcast to without having to know what “My Group” means.

Suggestion: A “Show route on map” in the F10 map to highlight a route to a selected system without the need to Set Desto/Add Waypoint.
Keywords: UI, map, route
Notes: This is possible with Set Desto/Add Waypoint but this workaround conflicts with potentially already set up routes and deletes them.

Suggestion: Return a possibility to minimize skill categories
Keywords: UI, Skills
Notes: Self-explanatory. They take a lot of the window space comparing to skills/skill lists themselves, dont you think so?
Btw, the functionality was present in non-photon UI before.

Suggestion: There should be an “Repair all” option for module heat damage repairs with Nanite Repair Paste.
Keywords: Mechanics, nanite repair, modules, heat damage
Notes: I just now had to repair 8 modules on my ship in space, which is a lot of right-clicking.

Suggestion: “Reload MOTD for fleet” for Fleet Commander and Fleet Boss role to show the MOTD again as latest message without having to open the edit feature for MOTDs.
Keywords: UI, fleet, chat, MOTD, reload MOTD
Note: Opening the General Settings for the fleet to reload it for fleet costs time and lags the client. You should not have to do that just to reload it into fleet chat so that all can see it.

On leaving a player corporation, allow pilots to join any NPC corporation with which they have standings of +X or more.

Long ago that’s exactly how EVE worked, and it was glorious. But that made it too easy for people to set up safe spots and run from the pirates who had every other advantage in the game, so it had to go.

Suggestion: add a setting that makes private chat requests from contacts not open a window automatically, so we actually notice their wanting a private chat. Currently it opens a window in the lower left corner that often goes unnoticed. Also, it would be great if private chats blinked when people typed in them just like other chat windows do.

This suggestion will be ignored by the algorithm set up, and i dont think this is a small thing to do.

Suggestion: Chose item source location when using Fit Ship button in simulation
Keywords: ui, fitting, fit ship, simulation
Note: Like the multi fit tool, but without having to save the fit, and repackage my ship

Suggestion: Journal should default open to the AGENTS / Missions tab, not Incursions.
Keywords: Journal, missions, agent
Notes: Probably 50x as many players use Journal to look at Agent mission info than Incursion info. After 1st look have it default to last tab you looked at, if possible.

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Thanks @Mr_Beardsley !
I was suspecting something like that. And I guess CCP is also willing to make sure people fight as much as possible so as to sustain the game economy and so on …
Sad that CCP did not maintain it.

Still, imho, I don’t think it would hurt that much the game play of pirates and others considering all the advantages they already have as you mentioned ? Not to say that the cost of destroyed ships would not be dramatically affected and as such the overall economy of the game would not suffer that much either. With the plus that the game would be more realistic …
Pirates and other would have to consider other tactics or improve the existing ones … sitting at gate and waiting is just the most stupid game play imo … probably funny for some and I am fine with it but not requesting much of thoughts …

I think CCP should reconsider its position on this topic.

Suggestion: A Broadcast button in the fleet to indicate you are fine.
Keywords: UI, fleet, broadcasting
Notes: Atm many groups use In Position to tell logi that they are fine and don’t need more cap or repairs. A dedicated button for that would be nice so that you can use the button for it’s actually intended purpose (has anyone ever done that anway? :thinking:)

Suggestion: ACLs for fleet

Keywords: Fleet mechanics, fleet control
Note: Useful for having assistant fleet commanders

When setting up a fleet, any individual may promote themselves to squad commanders and no one may become a wing commander. With an ACL, a fleet commander could assign “roles” to individuals who may need wing command and could promote themselves, or even deny squad command to most of the fleet except those who should be.

Suggestion: Shared hangar access between alts
Keywords: Shared hangar
Notes: Self-explanatory. It would be very easy QoL for those with different alts.
Like sharing BM access, everyone in the access list can use the Hangars or containers being shared.

I feel your pain, I have 13 paid($) accounts. It gets’ expensive!

The primary purpose of the divisions in the Corporate wallet is so that the leaders of a corp can limit access to corporate funds. It also helps to regulate the automatic payment system, in that you can specify a specific wallet for the funds to be withdrawn from, and if you wish to not have that bill paid (like a Wardec fee, for instance) then you leave that wallet empty. No need for that in a personal wallet, as the character is the only one able to access those funds, and characters do not have bills to autopay. I do agree that being able to designate more than 7 divisions would be helpful in larger corps, though.

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