Little things / Small QoL suggestions

A similar thing has already happened in events a few years ago: missions that you can do once a day, with a cooldown timer of 22 hours, these were later modified to reset during DT.
Even if they manage to get rid of DT (in a few years probably), I think it would be better to have dailies reset at a given time instead of some random hour and minute based on when you managed to complete them last time. And even if the launcher isn’t using the same code, it could use the same clock.

Include the bonuses on certain skills show info description.

Still a lot of skills that don’t have the bonuses labelled on their show info tab, examples:

(Race) Strategic cruiser - Does not have the level of heat reduction it reduces by per level.

Many, many of the science skills do not show the bonus chance on invention per level. E.g. (Race) Encryption Methods per level.

Its great we have a repair all button when we have overloaded, is it reasonable to implement a cancel all repair option too?

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Can we get a pointer for Alliance Fittings and can we get Alliance Skillplans in the same vein as Corp Skillplans?

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I have a QoL suggestion.

CCP compensation in ISK for industrialists like myself, in EVE since 2003, who have lost approx $3 Billion in now worthless structures that have been 'disabled by concord to make way for newer replacement technology."? I lost over 3bil when that happened. I come back to EVE this month 11/2022 to find a an EVE lifetime of accomplishment wiped out. I cannot see anyone at EVE sleeping well knowing that they just wiped TRILLIONS in assets and 1000’s of those affected who participated in the Eve economy.

I can tell you without any doubt in my mind, I and many 1000’s of others are going back to ignoring and not playing EVE again if it is not addressed and fix soon. Why would I when I know that at ANY time ANY assets I own and invested in could be wiped out in an instant with no regard or compensation? I wouldn’t. I’m going to give it a few months. If ignored I will do the same and leave. EVE did fine without me, and the many 1000’s it lost in recent years. This ‘re-surgence’ CCP has seen in returning players? mmmhmmm Don’t get too comfortable with that. If the Trillions in assets that were stolen are not addressed that re-surgence will be reversed.

Compensate citizens who have lost assets, isk, and even years of game time to to this issue. There is now real world money involved.

CCP/Devs, Please make the responsible choice. Take ownership of the fallout created by this. Please compensate.

Can you read the OP?

@Rylana please review the original post to ensure your suggestion is captured → Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Note the required format.

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@Ankh_Lai please review the original post to ensure your suggestion is captured → Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Note the required format.

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Suggestion: Have the ESI Query able to return the same amount of data as is available in game - current month and previous 5 months.
Keywords: ESI, Data, Corporation, wallet, history
Note: Currently we can query ESI for the last 30 days of data, however in game we have access to the current month and 5 previous months. It would be nice if the ESI interface were able to retrieve the same amount of information.

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Suggestion: Alliance Show Info window should have a “Member Count” row just like the corp show info window has.
Keywords: UI, show info, alliance, member count
Notes: It’s unreasonable to require people to use Dotlan and other external services to figure out basic things like member count of an ingame entitity.


With Uprising focus on FW, we need to be able to create contracts to militia availability scope.

Example, If an Individual/Corp/Aliance needs something Jump Freighter-ed into front lines but want to make sure that only their Faction Members can see the contract.

Also, localizing the economy to a faction is a good force multiplier for the faction that the Industry Corps are a part of and Provides another tool to allow emergent gameplay.

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I like the Toggle collapse all windows button. I love the new UI look & feel. I would love an additional hotkey:

Collapse Current Window

There’s a Close Current Window and a Minimize Current Window. Use case?

Talk to an agent and make the Conversation window massive, as tall as you can make it on screen. Now talk to another agent at the same station, drag their conversation window ontop of the existing one to make it one tabbed window. Do that for all of the agents there. Once you hit about 3 conversations, the window titles make it difficult to collapse the window any longer as it’s hard to know where to click.

The usefulness of having those 3 conversations shaded is an easy reminder, after undocked, what exactly the mission objectives are. Many times the objectives in the side panel say ‘read mission details’ – not really helpful. If you read mission details from there, as described in the new user tutorial, by clicking the ? icon and “Read details” then it has the old UI interface.

Yes there’s better ways to solve this. But a single hotkey “Collapse Current Window” works for all windows. I just described one use case.

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Suggestion: Make it possible to Launch PI to the customs office while inside a structure.
Keywords: Quality of life, Pi, planetary interaction,
Note: It doesn’t make any sense that you have to be in space in order to launch PI to the customs office since you can modify all other PI structures from almost anywhere. Everything except the launch pad. This doesn’t create any content either since most people just undock in a pod tethered, launch their PI into the customs office and then dock again, it just creates an extra time-consuming step.


I agree, if you want to collect your resources from the POCO or Container, you need to expose yourself in space anyway, so why not simply let it launch from anywhere like all other PI-operations? Under tether or within a Forcefield or even during the undock-invulnerability (which is more than enough to initiate launch), you cannot be attacked anyway.

Also: unnessessary undock/dock maneuvers put unnessessary strain to client and server.

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Suggestion: Welcome Mail Character counter

Keywords: ui, mailing lists
Note: Mailing List Management > Welcome Mail: Please add a character counter!

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Suggestion: Clickable link to join mailing list

Keywords: ui, mailing lists
Note: Being able to create a clickable link to join a Mailing List like you can for chat channels or almost literally everything else in the game. Having to tell people what to search to add a mailing list is a unnecessary pain…


OMG YESSSS coloring the buttons to match the color of the broadcast! Maybe it is just an outline to help make sure that the icons are fully visible but so much yes. Associate the color of the broadcast with the button :100:

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Suggestion: Add search fields into the market orders list (separated for sell and buy sections).
Keywords: ui, market
Note: better usability

When having too many market orders (up to 300+) it’s very difficult to manage them all. Adding a search/filter fields would make it much easier, especially if it’ll be available not just to filter by name, but also filter by type. Picture:


Suggestion: Add colored “Status” field into the “my orders” section of the market orders.
Keywords: ui, market
Note: reduce players and server wasted time

In addition to the previous suggestion - another good way to reduce players (and server) wasted time by drastical reduction of the “empty” checking of all of your orders one by one. Currently 90% of all situations when you use market orders list: is to find where you’ve been outbid and update this price. So here’s the solution:
Into the Orders history tab of the market orders window there’s a colored column “status”:

Now all we need is just to add similiar column into the “my orders” section of the market orders. But change its logic a bit:

  • Green text: Best price (highest for buy orders / lowest for sell).
  • Red text: Outbid.
  • White text: Selling/Buying. You were already outbid when creating (or modifying) such order - intentional decision when waiting/hoping for good price.



Suggestion: Make it possible to copy text with links attached
Keywords: Quality of life, text, mail, notepad, chat
Note: Right now, there is no way to copy text with links attached, you have to rewrite the entire document. It would be such a quality of life improvement if you could choose weather to copy the text or to copy the text and keep links.