Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Make it possible to setup Buy Order CONTRACTS for Blue Print COPIES.
Keywords: Contracts, BPC, buy
Notes: Atm you cannot buy BPC via contracts. When you setup a Buy contract, the system selects the BPO which does not exist for specific items like drugs, faction ships, pirate ships.

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Suggestion: Make it actually known via tooltip info or a red x that you can remove added items in this contract menu step:
Keywords: UI, contracts, create contract, buy contract
Notes: How is someone supposed to know that they can remove the added item if there is no indication whatsoever that says you can do it? You actually have to have arcane knowledge that you can double click this line to remove it from the list.

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Suggestion: In any money transaction instead of writing like 251 000 000 you can just write 251 m and it will automatically change it to 251 000 000 the same for B for billion or for rich folk T for trillion. And also you can use the dot (.) to write stuff like 2.5m for 2 500 000.
It will for sure improve any kind money (or even some items) transfers, since you will never need to double check if you typed one less or more zero.
Also if you want to add thousand you can add it as K, or millions as KK, some people will prefer that since there are MMO’s that already use that method for money transfers.
I need to add that I have no experience in any kind of programming, I don’t know how hard would it been to add it to the game, but for sure I know that it will be an amazing addition to the game that will make isk transfers (or items) much easier for every level of wealth.


Suggestion: Make Regional Market and Map icon on the NeoCom more different,
Keywords: UI
Note: Both icons look like a graph/line made of multiple segments, my brain needs to pause and make a consious effort of distinguishing them. More different graphic/icon would remove that friction.

Suggestion: Ability to see time a contract is accepted (as well as what time it was issued)

Keywords: contract, contracts, market

Note: after having some issues whereby some contracts were picked up and took almost the whole 24 hours to be delivered (even though the m3 size was small) I like to offer bonuses for quick delivery.

So I enter a note stating “extra x million isk id delivered within x time of pickup” only currently I can only see what time a contract was issued, not what time is was accepted. This would be useful for offering incentives to couriers