Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Proposal: add banking mechanics to the game, which will include a bank box for alliances and corporations with the right to access to deposit and withdraw funds, a deposit with an organization representative (deposit amount, term and percentage depend on relations with the organization), a loan from an organization with weekly payment (loan amount, percentage and term of payments depend on the relationship with the organization and playing time (at least 3 months in the game)).
Suggestion: A bar at the station where the characters will be displayed (no more than 10 individuals to reduce the load on the performance of PC players). Since there is a mechanic for changing things, and she has nowhere to boast. This will increase sales of clothing for the characters. Also in the bar, you can enter the mechanics of drinking for game currency or PLEX.

I think there already is corp wallet ACL management present :thinking:

There are even banks and bank robberies present :smiley:

Suggestion: when dragging to chat, notepad or elsewhere, link multiple items contracts not as [Multiple items], but use the text from the optional description field if the player added one.

I just spent another 20 minutes or so dragging dozens of [Multiple items] contracts to the notepad, manually editing all the links to read [Light Drones], [Rockets]… so i can then conveniently drag them to chat and properly link my contracts. The info is all there, we can already add a description that is then shown in contracts search. Easy to implement this as the link text too. Would probably save thousands of player hours doing this edits manually and reduce chat spam reading “[Multiple items] this and that item inside”. (Or spam walls of [Multiple Items] with no further explanation, even worse)

Suggestion: Add select/copy function to all labels and their coresponding values in Show info
Keywords: ui show-info
Note: When displaying Show info it is impossible to clipboard-copy such basic piece of info as a name

It is so medieval to handwrite it in a spacegame. For such a basic feature as text select/copy it is hard to believe it is so difficult to implement :thinking:.

But who am I to know?

It had been asked four times already :slight_smile:

:pray: Please oh please, do it this time. :pray:
:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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What i forgot related to this: :slight_smile:

Suggestion: Please expand the amount of text we can add to profiles, corp descriptions and… most important for me: notepad pages.

Note: it is 2023 :stuck_out_tongue: 3000 chars, including HTML formatting for linked items or text formatting, is terribly short.

Even a relatively short buylists exported from EVE IPH (exports all needed materials to the clipboard with ingame linked items, so you can right click them!) easily breaks the character limit on the notepad.
Storing a lot of text might have been an issue or relevant cost factor back in 2005, but nowadays it isn’t.


Cap batteries have stacking penalties, but don’t mention it in the their description.

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Suggestion: add the remaining time of extraction to the PI overview window.

Notes: So we do not need to go to planet view each time.

Use extractor ending earliest for the displayed time left. Add a hover tooltip that shows all extractor timers on this planet.

Bonus feature: could also add the currently stored units of each material on the planet below the symbols to the right side.



Suggestion: Add text to game logs describing why a cloak failed to activate. In particular related to metaliminal storms.
Keywords: : Logs, storms
Notes: Adding some descriptive text when a cloak fails to activate due to a metaliminal storm would be extremely helpful for determining why a ship is lost due. This will reduce unnecessary support tickets for ship losses.

Suggestion: Make EVE recognize mission cargo (e.g. given by Distribution Agents) being loaded when stored in Fleet Hangars.

Note: Using (e.g. Deep Space Transports’) Fleet Hangar for Distribution missions messes with usabililty.

Currently, mission cargo stored in a fleet hangar is not recognized by EVE as being loaded. One receives a “Mission Cargo Warning” window when undocking, even it is loaded. Just not in the regular cargo (often due to space, as DST have little). Also the mission progress in the upper left of the screen does not proceed due to this. The result likely is clicking “do not show again” for this warning after it popped up a few times and then possibly leaving cargo behind on another occasion.

Suggestion: Add icon(s) to daily challenges for additional information and readability
Keywords: : UI, accessibility
Notes: Present necessary information on the screen rather than hidden in a tool tip.

Current (verbose and lacking information)

Mine some Ore! 0/4000
Kill 8 NPCs - 5,000 EverMarks 0/8
Kill 10 Drones - 10,000 Skill Points 0/10
Kill 8 Drifters/Sleepers in the Abyss 0/8

could be (add reward icon)

Mine some Ore! 5,000[SP icon] 0/4000
Kill 8 NPCs 5,000[EM icon] 0/8
Kill 10 Drones in the Abyss [SP icon] 0/10
Kill 8 Drifters/Sleepers in the Abyss [EM icon] 0/8

or (add both reward and space icons)

[No icon]Mine some Ore! 5,000[SP icon] 0/4000
[No icon]Kill 8 NPCs 5,000[EM icon] 0/8
[Abyss icon]Kill 10 Drones 10,000[SP icon] 0/10
[Abyss icon]Kill 8 Drifters/Sleepers 2,000[EM icon] 0/8

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Suggestion: make drone tracking shows the value of the “new” turret tracking formula
Keywords: UI, Fitting Screen
Note: it would be easier to compare drone application and turret application

Please read the OP. Suggestions have to be in a certain format or they wont be seen.

Suggestion: Multifit on from fitting window should not reset ship to fit counter
Keywords: ui, multifit
Note: Less headache multi-fitting ships

When right-clicking and using multi-fit from the fittings window (not right clicking a hull in the inventory), it resets the counter to 1 every single time. This isn’t the same behavior as right-clicking in inventory.

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Suggestion: Multifit should support alliance fittings in the item hangar
Keywords: ui, multifit
Note: Less headache multi-fitting ships

When right-click on the ship hull in item hangar and hovering the multi-fit option, only personal and corporation fittings are available.

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Suggestion: The Remote Buy Order window needs a search text box to filter for systems.
Keywords: UI, filter, search, remote buy order
Notes: Sifting through hundreds of stations in some regions is not very convenient and makes the prone to accidental errors.

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@CCP_Kenobi: “Use the excel add-in Dyver …use the excel add-in”

Suggestion: Ability to set a default input and output location in the industry window that is then used for ALL blueprints.

Notes: (Using corp hangars for industry stuff,) you have to set input and output for every BP, on every char… maximum annoying :wink:

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I would like to add the ability to change the output, just before clicking the delivery button.

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Suggestion: Shareable player/corp assets/hangar between alts or groups etc… to whoever has access to it like BM folder

most of us have 1+ account to play, and often we need to relog into an alt account to transfer items/ships.
Its would be QoL improvement if we just had access to hangars/containers of others

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Suggestion: add “move to top (of queue)” to the right-click menu in skill queue.

Sometimes you want a few of those 150 skills in your queue trained right now, not in 7 month like you planned when you set up the queue. Dragging skills manually from somewhere down below to the top is really cumbersome. Right click, “move to top”, job done!