ESS Bank Heists

Hey guys,

I want to propose a change to the ESS Bank system because honestly i think this is such a huge missed opportunity.

Imagine the main bank would not just introduce a waiting timer and announce your present. Imagine you have a different option, going in… silent… hack the bank with a timed hack to suppress the alarm for 3 minutes. Hack it again at 50% timer to avoid getting caught entirely. You can loot the bank now without your presence being announced, but be aware: the second you take your reward, all hell breaks lose: the whole system gets shut down, you can still warp in, but not out. Your cloak is disabled and you need to avoid the whole angry ratter fleet coming for your ass. I‘m talking combat probes, warp bubbles at moons, wild dscans and stuff like that. Hopefully you prepared your escape route with a LOT of bookmarks! Avoid getting caught for like 5 minutes and you can cloak up and leave.

This will introduce a whole new approach for hacking, it will fit in neatly in the heist idea and it gives explorers the ability to strike back. Getting killed during exploration? Find their ratting-ground and take back whats yours! Also ratting fleets might introduce a whole new position: bank-guards! Maybe corps can even upgrade their ESS to make it harder to hack or reduce the timer for a successful hack… also there is some cross reference to other content b/c corps can now trigger this sytem-shutdown on demand to hunt a cloaked intruder… so much opportunities, so much content.

Now, compare that to the current situation: a PvP beacon. Well… you STILL can do that, but… honestly, who would do that if you can SNEAK in?

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More like you have to keep hacking to keep the alarm from going off maybe with a 25 sec timer for the first puzzle -1 sec for each puzzle after and when you fail boom, alarm goes off.

so that’s what 20 puzzles in 5 minutes xD ?

A Good balancing point would be a really good hacker could maybe reduce the warning time the locals have by 2 to 3 minutes instead of get all 5 out of it, his lack of 1 mid slot will make up for it if they get in.

But then as another balancing point he needs a much cheaper key (10mil isk) than the normal bank keys to hack normal ess so if they catch him they get something out of it for their time instead of just not loosing. (psychological reward for defending)

And then while we at it ban marauders from taking the gate as they are broken.

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