ESS main bank should result in a PvP timer

It had become too easy to take the funds out of the main bank without a 15 minute timer being activated, allowing the pilot to run out of the bubble then warp to safety to escape.

The pilot has an option to cloak and wait or jump through to the next system or worse activate another filament to escape jump to another system carrying their ESS tokens.

It would be feasible to change the system to flag the pilot with a 15 minute timer so they either have to jump through star-gates or wait out their timer while cloaked before escaping.

We need to review the ESS main bank theft.


don’t worry, ESS will make for great content for Vanguard Players


Basically I am not concerned if it changes though when loopholes are exposed in New Eden it is up to the Capsuleers who to make the request for change to keep the learning curve steep.

This really is a case of, get gud, noob.

Stop deluding yourself. If you’re not doing something about them in their 6 minute timer plus the 100km AB burn out of the bubble, then you’re not going to do anything to them in 15 minutes.


There is no need for a PvP timer in Null, but locking down the gates of the system so the ESS Raider can’t escape, dock up, cloak or use filaments or any other tactic for exiting the system for ten minutes will give the defending party enough time to track down the ESS Raider.

I’m an ESS Raider and find the exiting of the system should have more risk involved.

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Me too :smiley:

Do you think it is the right thing to say thank you for the easy loophole that we’ve uncovered?


Perhaps it is just roleplay with me though I still feel that I am in my right to appreciate not being hunted.

Sarcastically, it’s funny as hell. Professionally, such an attitude should not be used.

The greatest cat burglar always leaves a note.

Sooooo… basically what a capsuleer log off timer would do, only more?

Warping from safe to safe, making ever more safespots during the warp, are you sure? Or do you want to turn off using bookmarks as well? Sry, if you can’t get him inside the ESS, you surely wont catch him outside.


Allowing the pilot to escape… as if warping willingly into a rather large bubble that not only stops you from warping but also cuts off MWD isnt enough?

I dunno man, if the antagonist in an ESS gets away I dont think thats the game mechanics fault…

You meant to type AB as mwd don’t activate inside the ESS headspace

/ Re dock up …

There are ESS banks worth raiding two jumps from NPC Null.

//I stand corrected and the reference regarding the MWD was being turned off and had nothing to do with an AB in that comment.

You cant dock in enemy space where you would be trying to rob an ESS.
Thought that would be obvious…

Read it again buddy.

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