ESS payouts every 3 hrs is BS. Shorten the time

I like the idea of ESS but waiting 3hrs for a payout is BS. So if I can’t rat or be online for 3hrs I am basically penalized?

This needs to be revised. How about shortening to 1.5 hrs?

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How are you penalized?

How about lengthening it to every downtime?


It’s a feature that is typical for the garbage quality of CCP developments of late. You now have to play when CCP thinks you should play and not when you want to play. If you want to minimize the risk of your ISK being stolen, rat an hour ahead of the payment period. Of course, this point in time changes every day, which means you have to adjust your activity to it. Alternatively, you can just take the ESS money for yourself by stealing it. You can’t share it with the people who contributed to the pool and if you steal your own money, you lose another 30%.

#CCPQualityFeature. Play the CCP way or don’t play at all. :slight_smile:


Since system payouts are staggered and increasing in seperation as time goes on, just move your ratting char to a system that has a timer left that is suitable for your play time, if you want to be lazy and rat in only one system then for sure you will have to wait. That is the whole point of this update to spread ratters away from the heavily defended areas.

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Its not actually been lazy there is a lot to see up especially for Cap Ratting
Timer has been reduced to 2 hours however what you are still forced to do is rob your own bank if there is no one else ratting that system

Also if all other systems have shite DBS payouts and yours has over 100% why would u move

I think they need to go further and make the timer relevant to the ratter and payout to each person at their respective time frame.

why… would you do this?

just wait out the 2 hours and get 100% of it.

3 hours is the time of a regular gaming night.


When people reply to 15 day old threads. CCP did buff it down to 2hrs so everyone should be happy :slight_smile:

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