ESS Payout?

Now that ESS’s seem to be all over the place (even one in Jita), how exactly does the pay out work?

I kill rats in a system with ESS.
The bounty goes into the Main Bank.
Do you have to register with the ESS somehow?
At the end of 2 hours (or whatever is left on the timer) it pays out to those who put in via bounties?
Do you have to be in system when the timer hits zero?

don’t worry about it, after DT tomorrow, they will back back where they belong, in, Null Sec only.

Even still, same thing.

I go to null, kill a couple of rats. How do I get paid?

Payouts from the ESS happen automatically to contributing PvE bounty earners and no longer need to be retrieved in person

OK. so again - I go into a system that has an ESS, kill even just 1 rat, fly away and with in 2 hours I get paid my portion of the 70% bank payout?

read this

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I did. It only talks about robing the ESS, not the normal activity.

looks like every 2 or 3 hours you get paid out of it, if nobody loots it…

Lol they allow ESS in highsec now?

no, it got bugged and got placed throughout New Eden in Low and High as well… but after downtime, they’ll be relegated back to nullsec only.

Darn, was waiting for some sweet tears on this one.

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Seriously? Is that stated anywhere in release notes or something?

can you not read the feedback thread or the known issues thread??

Can you kiss my arse?

(I hadn’t read those threads)

well you need to, im not gonna sit and find the information for you… they do those threads for a reason…

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Just unfortunate that it is not a permanent thing in highsec. :slight_smile:


would have been an interesting set up, having it in hisec.

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How so?

You don’t have to be in the system when the ESS pays out.
You don’t even have to be logged in to receive the payout, same as with timed bounty payouts.


When I tested in High-Sec and what I read. the “Mainbank” steals 35% of what you earn. The “Reserve” steals 5% (40% total gets jacked). After 2-hours and 55 minutes, you get a “Mainbank” payout (35% of the total 40%). The “Reserve” requires a one-time-use type of ‘key’ to steal it. Now the from what I read of the updates in Oct. '20, the “Mainbank” can still get robbed by someone, but if it doesn’t you get the payout. You see nothing from the “Reserve”.

And while it’s speculation, this “oops” for HS. It’s just a taste of what will come to HS.

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