Missions, DEDs, combat anoms, etc. Compensation mechanics?

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I have a newbro friend who wants to see me run some stuff. I already know he could run ‘clean up duty’ (loot, scavenge, etc). My question pertains to something more.

  1. If he is simply ‘just there’ while I’m running the site (hopefully far enough away from the action so he doesn’t get blown up), does he get a cut of bounties, LPs, etc? Or does he actually have to do something (i.e. shoot something)? If he does get something, how are rewards split, and under what circumstances?

  2. What if he’s cloaked? Does that change anything?

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #2

put him in fleet with you, you can choose whether to share ISK/LP. Cloaked should be no issue either.

Fleeting anothdr character in is a common way to incfease anothers standings too.

(Quelza) #3

EVE Uni details on PvE Fleet mechanics says you’d share the bounties as long as fleet members are on the same grid as rats are getting demolished.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #4

Ah I thought it was optional, it’s a long time since I ran missions.

(Quelza) #5

It might be optional for missions, but I was trying to find out how things would go down in a PvE anomaly or signature site.

(Jenne Wain) #6

What you describe is for missions, where there is a reward payout at the end. You have the option to split that payout or not if you wish.

Bounties, however, are not optional and shared between the people on-grid if fleeted.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #7

Bounty will be split and wreck owner will get the escalation if there’s one.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #8

Thanks, I remember now. Clearly it’s been longer than I thought since mission running!

(Beast of Revelations) #9
  1. Well what if you aren’t in fleet? For instance if you just come on grid with some stranger running the site? How is stuff split (bounties, LP)? What are the mechanics here? If there are different mechanics for different site types (mission, DED, etc), please specify.

  2. Same situation as above, but if cloaked? In other words, if you try to come into someone’s site “ninja style?”

(Quelza) #10

I am 99.99999999% certain you don’t get jack if you are sitting in a mission or PvE site, not tied to other players running the site via the fleet mechanic, and doing absolutely nothing to contribute.

(Beast of Revelations) #11

Not sure how that would work. How does the game determine who ‘owns’ the site and therefore who gets the booty? First one there? Top DPS?

Also, you mentioned not contributing. What if you do contribute in a minimal (joke) way, like fire one shot and then run away from the pirates?

(Quelza) #12

The game does not assign ownership over the site. Only over the NPC wrecks and the bounties tied to NPC destruction, both of which I believe are assigned to the player that landed the final blow. This is why I could jump into another player’s PvE site and kill and loot the most valuable NPC in the site right in front of them as long as I kill that NPC myself (I used to do this to mine salt on occasion when bored). Only while in a fleet with players killing NPCs on the same grid does the game actually divide and distribute the bounties.

(Jenne Wain) #13

In the case of a mission, if you are not fleeted with somebody, you get all of the mission payment including LP. No split.

In any case, mission, DED, ratting, whatever, if you are fleeted and on grid the bounties are split evenly among the fleet. If multiple players are on-grid, but not fleeted, they each get bounties for what they actually kill. In that case, if you have non-fleeted people shooting at the same ship, the same mechanic that determine who “owns” the wreck also determines who get the bounty.

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