Isk per Combat Anom

Was wondering if there is a guide or list on the total payout of isk per 0.0 combat anom by type?

Everything I see is by the tick.

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Run one and then look at your wallet xD

Thanks great :+1: lol. I thought there might be something already documented like Rikky’s Guide or the like for anoms.

Harder = more isk but might take longer etc.

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Can’t really document the total amount of ISK per site due to RNG of loot drops. I have noticed a few guides do include the total amount of bounty payment gained for running the sites.

Personally when I run combat anomalies, I’m looking to either get a Commander NPC spawn holding Faction/Deadspace loot or an escalation to a DED site where I can get more Faction/Deadspace loot.

That’s about it.


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