High sec combat anom contested sites

I have been running a lot of anom and have been losing a lot of it to other people, mainly because of the DPS and my lock time.
How do you people deal with this?

Spend money on ships and modules and skills.

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Yes but what I meant is tactics to get the final kill.

Tactics are no good if it takes you twice as long to lock on to your opponent as they lock onto you.

Same with weapon DPS. They probably have more skills and/or at higher levels of training that boost DPS then you.

ps- Also be sure to fit your ship such that it makes max advantage of any bonuses for specific weapon types.

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afik it’s DPS race. One that deals most damage “owns” the wreck. But don’t quote me on that.

It seams that you run sites in Caldari hisec. Which is most popular are for this content. Either cleanch your teeth and push on or simply move to less populated area. You can use Monthly Economic Raport, in game map, third party map tools to see jumps per system etc. It will give you some idea how popular that area of space is.

Yes, you gonna see people saying that guristas loot is worth the most (you can even check it yourself link) but at lest I prefer doing 5 less profitable sites without interruptions rather than dealing with competition for half day and still having rng factor. Because in reality it’s only one or two rare items that pay more.

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I just fought several waves of a Den site in Highsec in a new char in a Coercer as a Drake Navy Issue emerged and shot the last foes, including the interesting one.
Of course I felt angry at first, but then I had sympathy for a guy who needs a 200m ship for level one crumbles in Highsec. Anyway, my new char is now visiting Sister Alitura and gets matching missions where no-one will interfere.

Dens escalate to DED 5/10s, those are the best you can get in highsec. And 200 mil Drake is the least you’ll probably need to run it.

There are 2 types of Gurista Dens, other factions anoms are similar.

First type with large turrets and cruisers. You have to clear it, wave after wave, and all you can do is outDPS competition.

The second type with small turrets and frigates/destroyers has triggers which spawn the next wave, killing last wave triggers escalation and faction spawn, and ‘finishes’ the site. So you can blitz those, but you’ll need a better ship as you have to tank incoming damage.

IIRC you need to kill a turret, then another one which will spawn in it’s stead, then the top left corner spawn, then bottom right corner, then hopefully the faction spawn. The rest is optional. Use CTRL+SHIFT+ mouse drag to select the whole spawn.

Its often worth looting for ‘Medium F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender’ and other nice meta modules and pirate tags. Gurista salvage is a waste of time tho.

PS. Lasers on your Coercer may be your weak point, as Gurista have high EM resists. Though I personally prefer laserboats too and only ever use Phantasm. (Gurista 5/10 takes 45 minutes to finish in it, whereas Sansha/Blood Raider 15-20. But you have a luxury of never having to switch ships, only some resist modules)

Jackdaw is pretty good for HS anoms. Just watch out for gankers :smiley:

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Why? Just steal the loot.

That’s why I prefer Cal ships for PvE honestly.

Omni-damage is just too useful.

Well I my skills might be bad(200 DPS at the moment). But can’t a Gila do 5/10? And I went to amarr to do an escalation and I saw a buttload of unscanned signature? Is it because the faction loot in amarr is not as good as guristas, or is it because of how many jumps it take to go from Jita to Amarr?

5/10 in Phantasm? How?

On warp-in turret mode kill all turrets and frigs. Then speed tank BCs. Then slowly grind BSes.
In room 3 kill web towers with microwave crystals - 60km easy-pease. Then speed tank everything and go for Commander.

Gonna give it a try. Somehow always thought it would be instantly volleyed out in room 3. This would save me so much headache of moving second hull around. Ty

Yeah, got 212 dps with my 6m ISK Coercer having 750k SP, but paper tank… Imperial Navy Multifrequency even makes 244 dps, that should be enough for Dagan.
The den site was just a test how it works, had to warp away several times. It’s a bit unfair to steal the best part, but that’s usual in Jita and Arnon. Players in the outskirts tend to be more friendly.

Most high sec officer rats have very low hp and sit at a long distance, so a t2 artillery frigate can show up and near instantly pop it, knowing most players fly gilas, you’ll have a better chance with your alpha.

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